Watercolor Words and Wanderings

It came up in conversation yesterday, just what is a Giclee print anyway? I thought I should learn that as I tip toe my way through finding the most cost effective way to get my art reproduced and also end up with a product I can be proud of. First off it is pronounced Zhee Clay ( I often get the consonants mixed up and say Glee-shay ;)). Giclee is derived from a French verb gicler meaning to spray or squirt. Wikipedia claims my ink jet printer can produce a Giclee.  According to gicleetoday.com the answer is no. Giclee uses special light-fast, water resistant, archival inks on archival substrates. The process uses 12 of these special inks creating a very accurate color reproduction of the original.  If treated properly, the prints will last a lifetime. The way the image is scanned is different also. The original is scanned directly on a drum scanner or large flatbed. If the image is larger, or cannot be taken off the stretcher frames, then a professional large format photograph must be taken. Finally it also seems that most of the Giclee printers can accommodate large sizes. So that seems to be it in a nut shell!

Here is what I have been working on this week- I hope you have a good week- Peace Out-Bec







Watercolor Words and Wanderings

As promised a busy week of painting in Maine…Thank you for checking out my blog! As always (mostly) hover over the picture for more info about art.

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I worked hard everyday- I only finished one ( maybe- 😉 looking at it today I think it needs more work in the foreground)

Here is one I have been looking at for a while….

Painted EN Plein Aire a lot while I was in Maine, the weather was pretty good! After using  my masking fluid for 3 days I discovered it was sticking to paper- not sure if it has ruined the work or not. Bummer but keeping me on my toes!

Sunday-Across the Street- Gouldsboro, Maine

Monday-Schoodic Point, looking toward Mark Island

Tuesday- Winter Harbor, Maine

Wednesday- Machias, Maine

Saturday- Schoodic Point, Gouldsboro/Winter Harbor, Maine

Sunday- Schoodic Point, I think this is Goose Island?, Gouldsboro/Winter Harbor, Maine. I paint here a lot. There is a tree to sit under and a place to get and leave water across the way.

I also worked on the “Ugly Fly” :O) which BTW is SOLD (I think) !

and lastly…I hope you have a great week! Peace- Bec









Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I have been on the left side of the United States for a few weeks and enjoying the mild weather- taking tons of pictures and painting some in between spending time with family and eating!  I created a bunch of mini paintings to be used as tags for gifts. They spawned some ideas for cards designs for next year. I know it is early but I have to get them done and ready by about September to get them into fairs and etc. I think the snow person with the MARCO hat is just too cute ( like the person I made it for). I  also like the snow bear and the tag with the three tall trees- What are your favorites?

I finished the cardinal card design…

Started and I think finished a still life….

Persimmon de Maria 2016

Started a painting….

Made a card for a friend’s 60th birthday…img_5085

We ate at In Situ at the SFMOMA- THANK YOU RAMA and it was a great meal- go if you can! Classes started on Friday and I have been working on things other than art since I arrived home- but I promise I will create art –  Until Next Week- Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Today I want to share with you “the ones that got away”. I was reading somewhere about how each work is kind of like a child. For me each painting represents a portion of my life- sort of like a those photos that capture a flower opening. When I look at my art many times I have flashbacks to the day- I can even remember what I ate. Some paintings represent periods of growth, change and new beginnings and others remind me of pain and tribulations. They all have memories and some times it is had to let them go…mostly I have given my work away. I have sold a few but I am just getting to the point where I have even tried to sell my work.

Here are a few more…

Here is one more…pardon the bad pics- my camera is out of town 😉 The little girl skipping was donated to Turning Points Network to use as the front of a card to help raise money to end domestic and sexual violence. The other two are this weeks attempt at live model – week 7.

Below is what I have been working on this week.


On the media this week- see Open Studio-WGBH and I would LOVE to post that episode for you but the website is a bear… I really enjoyed the piece about  Gustav Caillebotte. I remember playing Masterpiece with my family and his most famous work Paris Street, Rainy Day was one of the paintings in the game. What I was most interested in was their coverage of his quote everyday paintings these were apparently controversial. I wonder what will be said of my work-pedestrian?

Next weekend brings another workshop with Robert J. O’Brien– YAY!

-Until next week- Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Such a strange winter we are having, it was close to 60 degrees on February 1rst! I am 5 weeks into a 6 week watercolor class. The students are doing great-having “successes” and “failures” and learning in leaps and bounds. The pictures this week are to catch you up on what I have been doing. I decided to only use 2 colors when painting the model sessions on Friday. I am really trying to

hone my skills in. I might try just one color next week! I can see some progress and I am certainly less intimidated by rendering humans. They all still look like men to me and yes in some ways they all look like me. On the media this week- my partner and I are watching Shades of Blue – I am really liking it. Drea de Matteo is awesome and steals the show in every scene they write her into. I also found late last year a colored pencil podcast. I know this is a watercolor blog- but these two have some witty banter that also includes conversation about how to set your prices, how do you handle payments on projects AND information about paper and supplies. John and Lisa were the first to educate me on electronic erasers. Good stuff worth a listen. Until next week- Peace- Becky

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I had a busy week-last weekend I spent Sunday morning hanging a small install at St.George’s Café  in Henniker NH. The food is yummy and the people are friendly! I hope you can swing by and tell them I sent you. The camera is telling me that” the memory card is write protected” and it will not allow me take anymore pictures….until I figure out how that happened, (ARGH) I cannot ACTUALLY show you the installation… but there are 4 paintings in a nice spot-near coffee cups 🙂 IMG_20160207_092932 (2)

I also have a series of pictures of a painting I have been working on to show folks at class how to glaze and make mistakes! I got the lines all screwy and pushed the yellow too far and I had a great time doing it. There are some things that I really like on this painting the way the shadow works on the upper most part of building. I think that is starting to work for me since I was able to keep the “white” on the trim for part of the window. The other windows are all in shadow. I am going to mess around and see if I go darker on the trim if I will like the other windows too. I used a  light lemon yellow wash under most of the building but with the roof on the tower on the back right I split it and painted the 2 “panels” on the left side with indanthrene blue and right one with lemon yellow. Then when I went back over that area I got the results I was hoping for a cool “shadow” VS a “warm” shadow- oh I know art geek city. My printer is also on the fritz. I have not been able to make a color print for a couple of weeks. I had to use a picture out of a book as inspiration for the painting. The book is tilted Newfoundland by Ben Hansen copyright 1987- the photo is called ” Winterton, Trinity Bay”. I found a but about Ben Hansen on The Memorial University The Gazette.

The next series of paintings are 4 small ( 3.5 x 5) florals. I have 2 frames that belong to my Mom and I am trying to paint something to put in them and get them back to her as a small token of my appreciation for her helping me with my first art show. Ok so you should know I have had them for probably 10 years….better late than never? I thought if I started 4 paintings I might get lucky and have 2 that would work- NOT SO. They all have issues that means they will probably go into the acid free boxes I bought this year and not see the light of day except on reminiscing. One of the first things I talk with my students about is how we are our own worst critiques and would they please try to leave the judge and jury at the door. The one that is featured at the head of this blog is the one I might use- or at least I have not “wrecked” it beyond hope yet! The photos show you a bit about the ruination, er-uhm, development of the paintings- I have started 4 more and will keep pictures of those to show you later. I do learn with each painting and have made some notes on them about some of the things I am learning.

This is week 6’s attempt at a live model. I was tired and so decided I would not draw, but just paint. I am still using 2 colors and I had fun painting these and giving “Susie” a suit of armor! I know I had mentioned I might try using only one color- maybe next week… I have some “On The Media” to share with you but this blog is already long. I will save it for next week. Peace-Out- BeckyDSCN1459

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I took a ride up to my hometown and picked up my show at The Tuftonboro Free Library last weekend. I thought I would share that show with you. I left a book for folks to sign and what a great idea that was- it was heart warming to read everyone’s comments- I will treasure that book. On my media for the week -a podcast about personalized medicine from  Stuff You Should Know and Studio 360  was talking about making a GIFy valentine I might try that next week ! I spent most of the week matting my student’s art, preparing for a show that will be on display at 15 Main Street, Newport NH- we will have a reception on Thursday February 18th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Come and support the arts in our community-light refreshments will be served. Thank you again Mom and Chris and Dad for helping with the show and to the staff at the library who were wonderful and friendly!

Peace- Becky