Watercolor Words and Wanderings

“It’s not that you cannot paint it is that you are not seeing things correctly.” said George Gallo while talking with Linda Fisler on a podcast I found this week called Art Chat with Linda Fisler. It looks like George is primarily an oil painter. I still learned a bunch about color theory from this conversation. In discussing how to paint the greens of summer he shared about using red to change the values of green rather than what we might grab is a blue. Since red and green are complimentary colors it will make for more POP! They also talk about the difference between a core shadow and a cast shadow and how to paint them. If you want to geek out about color I recommend listening to this podcast.

I did not do much painting this week- had a new well drilled at the house and I was on pins and needles not knowing how much it would cost. Good news is the water came in great but they had to go to 435 feet (translation ching- cha- ching). Then yesterday the basement flooded because they did not cap a pipe and I spent 6 hours cleaning that up. Things are hopefully down to a dull roar now and I am going to my studio this afternoon.

This week in class Maraget Dwyer taught us how to use wax paper to create some interesting textures and spaces. Below I started a tree scene with Pyrlene Maroon and Gold Ochre. You wet the paper and add the wax paper then drip the paint under the wax paper, tip the painting, add water as needed, more pigment, until you get it where you want then let it dry. Then remove the wax paper. Then you get to see what you have….Now you can add a third color , I am using Winsor Green Shade Blue, to start painting the space between the trees.

W.I.P used salt at the bottom to add to the texture.

This next one has three colors in the pour…I see elephants…they are penciled in…


W.I.P. Here I used Lemon Yellow first, then Rose followed by a hint of Prussian Blue

Here is what else was cooking this week hover over the pictures for more info.

Lastly here is another W.I.P…. Until next week- Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Travelled to Sturbridge Village this past weekend. What a unique place. You walk into the museum and get a glimpse into the way people lived in early 1800’s. They have a section of the museum that uses water to power a saw mill and wool carding machines. It was really interesting to see the mechanics of the waterwheels going. We stayed a creepy motel and I was not feeling safe to use the internet so I did not blog on my usual Sunday. On the way home we drove up the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts. It was beautiful there were fields of sunflowers in bloom and the peppers were on the vine. My camera just does not do it justice. We stopped by Historic Deerfield which also really interesting.


Historic Deerfield Pumpkins 2016

I was not able to paint this weekend it was just too windy but here is what happened earlier in the week.

This thing is putting the pictures in weird places on this blog…they are all labeled so hopefully you can figure it out…just roll over them to see my comments.I have deleted and redone this 3 times so I am just going to roll with it..

W.I.P Foggy Kearsarge-


Until next week- Peace- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Hello all you fine feathered and otherwise friends! I have had a week of starts. Started a class at New England College about the history of art and Mount Washington. Started a bunch of paintings. Hiked almost up Kearsarge Mountain on the Lincoln Trail, we made it to the Warner side parking lot stopped for a break and just could not bear starting up the 1/2 mile to the top! This was about a 9 mile walk round trip with out “bagging the peak”.

Here is a picture from the parking lot- the children were there with their mom and dad. My camera is not very good at capturing the colors-or maybe it is the operator!dscn2386

Here is one I thought I was done with until I brought it to class and everyone thought it needed more color in the sky…I think I am done now?

These are all W.I.P.’s hover over for more info…

This week’s “On the Media” if you are in or near Manchester New Hampshire get to the Currier Gallery for the exhibit on the art of the Mount Washington- my teacher helped to curate it!

Peace Out- Till Next week!



Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Hi All- another week in paradise! I finished a few and started a few- drove back to NH! I found a new class to go to taught by Becky Darling at the Bradford Community Center. I was happy to stumble across this and am looking forward to learning from her. I am also still studying under Margaret Dwyer and that class is going well. I started back teaching this week. So much fun! I teach an adult class of 8 folks, and another class for differently abled adults and also an after school art for kids from 7 to 11 years old. On the media today is a book I just ordered titled Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk. This book is written by Danielle Krysa AKA The Jealous Curator. I bought it mostly to support her so I will let you know if it if worth spending your precious pennies on! Sorry the text just got bigger and I do not know how to change it back ! 🙂

Until next week- oh there it goes :)- Peace- Becky

W.I.P.- I got lost in the forest …again….I will see if I can find my way out this week.


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I went to The Common Ground Fair again this year. It is located in the town of Unity in the great state of Maine. It is a bit of a long drive but so worth it. It is the Maine Organic Farmers Fair. All the food is organic and from Maine (except for coffee-which was voted in as an exception a few years back). There are 6 or 7 areas which include subjects like textile, green energy, animal husbandry, woodlot and experimental gardening plots. You can learn how to use hoogle culture, can tomatoes, turn acorns into flour. There are lectures on raising worms, chickens and hoop gardening. They also have speakers come and discuss all things organic. The kids have a place to do “kid” like things. Every day they dress up and have a parade through the grounds. They use bikes to collect the sorted trash- most of which is composted. It is a great event. I try to paint for a while each time I go. I have been working away on my W.I.P.’s here are a few more finished!

Until Next Week- Peace Out- Bec