Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Last week I promised to finish and discuss the book The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. I will not spoil any of the book for those of you who have not read it. I ended up really enjoying this read. There were times when I thought the author was dragging us through the mind of the main character for no good end…but it all kind of came together. I also read The Good Good Pig by Sy Montegomery. This was a quick read and part of a theme of books about the connections with our 4 and sometimes 6 legged kin. I think the book meant a lot to people who knew Christopher Hogwood. There are some funny stories about his life from a cute little piglet to a 750 pound somewhat famous connector of people. Next up is The sound of a wild snail eating

I did a little painting this week and started on the life size cut outs- finally. I was able to get to my painting class as well as take a few long walks. It has been a good week. This week I need to stay focused on the life size cut outs- I need to get them done by July 29th!

Peace Out- Bec


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Last night was filled with thunder storms I finally gave up trying to sleep at 3:15 am. We are now receiving a gentle much needed rain. I love living in New Hampshire, the weather is great! They say if you do not like the weather wait 5 minutes and it is almost true! Shortly after I graduated from college I moved to Hobe Sound Florida. The weather in southern Florida is nice to be sure but after a while the sunny days got stale. The landscape goes from kind of green to light brown and that is about it. Growing up in New Hampshire I am used to constant changes in all things weather related.

This has been another soul searching week…I keep thinking I NEED to get a job and I keep having to talk myself out of it. I worked three days last week teaching at The Fells  .( Go there if you can, it is a beautiful spot on the shores of Lake Sunapee. Wear walking shoes and really explore around there are hidden groves and fairy houses, sculptures and historic buildings) I did not do much painting this week. I have a project for an art show hanging over my head and I am just not good at art on demand if you will. I have a friend who wants to buy a painting to put over his couch and he has been waiting for two years….I just cannot build up the hutzpah to get this done despite several beginnings. Back to the art show project…. it is three life size plywood cuts out that I promised to have ready for an art show which will be hung at the end of August. The show is a collaboration with Turning Points Network and The Library Art Center. I have several ideas but none of them are screaming at me to come out- so today I am just going to start and welcome the process of ” making art on demand”- just remain curious and see where it takes me. I have been stifled with trying to come up with some earth shattering statement about the theme of the show ( Voices and Vision : EmpowerMEnt through art ) and while also honoring the previous ” lives” of these plywood cuts out which were done with the idea of representing victims of murder in our area. Many of whom where murdered at the hands of their husbands.(The original project followed the idea called Silent Witnesses.) I also need to keep these people family friendly and now that I am typing out all these parameters it is no wonder I am having such a hard time getting an idea to gel!

I am going to get started on my day and those  silent witnesses- I will take pictures of the process. Until next week- Peace Out- Bec

PS- On the Media this week- I am reading The Girl On The Train- I am almost done and will with hold comments till the end but so far it has been hard to put the book down.

PPS- Sorry so late I cannot get my one picture of the painting I worked on to upload- GRRR 🙂 Her is a picture of me in my studio- I think I remember how to get there;)

© Maundy Mitchell Photography
© Maundy Mitchell Photography

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

IMG_20160709_154837Symbols of the brief flare that is summer Downeast, the peonies have begun to drop their petals in the afternoon breeze. The pink hues of the Peonies pop compared to the brown greens of low tide. I just had to paint them. I am still not quite used to how folks recon around here, but on Wednesday I think I was down to Millbridge (despite it being more north than south). I checked out the new coffee/ lunch/ ice cream place and ordered a banana muffin and some rooibos iced tea. They have a cozy porch and since I had the place to myself I could not help but try to capture these beauties. It was a relaxing way to pass a bit of time. I had been blessed with a solid week of sun and was grateful for the shade. This week the timing was also right for me to try to capture the low tide. The Dorcas Library in Prospect Harbor has an envious back yard and as an added bonus I was able to check e-mail while the paint was drying. The flare of summer seems to have passed as I write this on what is the second day of a rain drenched fog that really chills to the bone. The weather person is calling for rain tomorrow. Yesterday and today are classified as partly sunny.;) I have 2 hoodies on and am moving toward the blanket on the couch. Next week I look forward to teaching children at The Fells in Newbury NH and hopefully Saturday will be a day long class with adults outside overlooking Mount Sunapee. I feel I should say something about the murders that occurred this week but I have no words- I am sick to see how we treat each other-worried that our freedom is being threaten by our own behavior. On  the media this week a history podcast about Hamilton from The History Guys at Backstory for some reason the link thing is not working here is site… http://backstoryradio.org/shows/hamilton/.

I did fair to middling on my goals of exercise and painting. 5 out of 7. Until next week- Peace- Bec


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Some pictures of Schoodic Point- Acadia- this is a place called the Raven’s Nest. Thank you Jim Lalla for the pictures!

I just finished reading Kathleen Tessaro’s book Rare Objects. This book kept me up into the night as I could not wait to find out what happens to the main character Maeve Fanning. We follow her through what I think is one of the hardest times of life to navigate (at least so far) the late teens through late twenties. I promise no spoilers here. Tessaro gets us into Maeve’s world right away when she sneaks behind a red velvet rope at the MFA in Boston. There are lots of moments in this book that caused me to pause. Including a Japanese concept called kintsugi, this is a repair technique and philosophy that our breaks and cracks are things of beauty not something to try to hide. A good “summer read” with some moments of “winter studies”. I also read The Secret Lives of Lobsters, by Trevor Corson. This book reminded me of The Soul of an Octopus, by Sy Montgomery it was a blend of science and history told along the  lines of characters’ lives. I learned about the patterns of the life of a lobster and the people who trap them. This book had a tiny bit too much sex organ talk but not so much as to make it un readable.

So with all this reading I have not done much painting! I realized that yesterday marked one month out of my full time weekly paycheck job. YIKES! Life is not going quite as I had expected. My back is on the mend and now my shoulder is trying to freeze. I am doing everything I can to avoid this but this morning I could not put my hair up! This is a crisis if you have 3 feet of hair and a boyfriend who is all thumbs when it comes to details.(If you want a look into the mind of a real live alcoholic (as opposed to Maeve)- first thought- where are the scissors? )Luckily it is my left shoulder so I can still paint and am heading into the park to do that this morning after a long walk. I can already tell that I will need to have some discipline in this new non clock punching paradigm. I knew that June was going to be a time to chill and distress and process. I was offered a job to teach one day a week and initially took the job but then realized the schedule was going to be too constricting. It would mean missing out on a trip to Costa Rica. The lure to have that security is hard continues to be hard to resist.

This is such a great journey! I am going to focus this week on getting a walk in and painting every day. I will let you know how it goes! See below for this weeks’ watercolor sketches.

Until next week- Peace- Becky