Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I do not feel much like writing today – headache-hot flashes-backache-arghhh! Here is some art. Art is good 🙂 I am working on some larger pieces- like the bubble ballerina below- Please hover over pics for more info- Peace Out- Till next week- Bec


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

It has been mighty cold here in New Hampshire- seems like winter is coming later and staying later too! This week was my last week of commitments to NAEP ( National Assessment of Educational Progress) and now I have 3 more classes at The Newport Library Arts Center and I then I am a full time painter again. I think my work has changed a lot in the last year- mainly I am making less mistakes about when and where and how to use contrast. I still go in too dark some times and I suspect I will be working on that for a long time but I am starting to get value changes and for that I am happy.

SO as you can see above- I got carried away with the dark green again. This was a great exercise as I just painted experimentally, trying to be free and loose with the flowers. I am going to get bolder next time!

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Do you have any ideas about what color to make the back ground? I am thinking green but with the way I have the composition set up unless I choose a really whacky color it is going to read like a flag! Hover over the paintings below to see more info-

YAY! I was able to get to Margaret Dwyer’s watercolor class…we used some black and white line drawings as our jumping off point- we were supposed to be really free no drawing and use wet on wet painting…I got too precious about mine will try again…

Lastly the continuing story of the lemon plates…I am still trying for one to give to my sister-in-law! My beau says the new one looks like lemon boobs. I think he may have gotten too much sun in Costa Rica! What do you think? Maybe he is right  ha-ha-ha lemon porn!

Until next week – Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings


A poem I started while walking the other day…and below a painting that came before. I think the poem jumps a round a bit- and is lot like my mind lately.

I could smell her long before I found her. Her smell lives on the tip of my tongue  and carries memories of making a blueberry rake when I was eleven and later of new furniture for my newly wed friends. Her smell blends with memories of steam and maple and the scraping of metal from the watchful eye of my Dad boiling sap. I knew this smell meant the beginning of her decline, that she would only get smaller and smaller from today on. She did not go out quietly into that good day, she took others down with her, leaving a spot for her off spring to get a head start. It is high competition in this forest. She has seen many changes, roads, electricity, houses, fields turned to forest and carved out again to fields. Lives lived and loves lost cast a shadow on the land that she will now nurture. I came across a tragedy today and still I cannot be too sad as I know out of this will rise another generation of hundreds of species.

gould-inspiredI had a good week creatively…I am teaching a bunch of friends at a “sip-n-paint” next weekend so I have been getting ready for that. I am going to show them how to paint fog and they all should come out with a decent painting!

I have been working on this painting for a while-( it started out as a demo for class on how to paint barns) and by working I mean staring at it to see what do I do next 🙂

I do not think I have done much to this one…this week… it too has been getting the hairy eyeball….how to fix the mistakes or if I just start over..

and here is one I am just starting…these two were so cute! I just had to try!


It is super windy and cold here today so I am hoping I will get a bunch done in my studio today! Until Next Week- Peace Out- Bec