5 Years to Full Time Artist

About 10 years ago I decided I was going to be a fulltime artist and work for myself by the time I was 55. At the time I remember thinking this is a reasonable amount of time to get some cash in the bank and really hone in on my painting skills. I turned 50 in October and and realized – YIKES- I have 5 years to make this dream a reality. The money thing has long fallen by the wayside- I tried to work a high paying job and I just about shot my self. Today I work to end domestic and sexual violence. I get to meet really interesting,strong, awe inspiring people and I get reminded every day to try to be here now. I have also been able to create some art and currently teach regularly.

I thought it might be cool to record this in some way and so I started using facebook but soon realized that we users do not own facebook this could lead to some disappointment down the road. I started snooping around and a wordpress  blog seems to be the way to go. So here I am. I have read to commit to a regular posting and stick to it- so look for me on Sunday morning. Initially I wanted to do this blog on paper so I could be off the grid and then post the paper blog to the web.I have not quite figured out how to do that well, but I will keep looking!

This blog will be a trail of how I went from working full time to running my own art business.