Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I found this post- I had written to help cover my surgery time- I thought I had posted it but I guess not! So today is a two post day!… 🙂


I have been spending most of my time making gift tags for my tags4peace project. The project was accepted in to the Newport Library Gallery of Gifts and that means I need to have PLENTY of product to sell. The last 6 weeks has found me making tags when every I have a minute and my painting has taken a back seat. In fact, I really have not painted seriously since the week-long work shop. I will need to find some balance with this project. I have been reading a book called Timbuktu, by Mark Jenkins. My Uncle had mentioned he liked this book a while back and so far, I concur! I am about ½ way through. Here is a passage from page 112. This is shortly after their first close encounter with a crocodile. “When you are hunting, you don’t look for shapes or colors. If you do, everything is an animal. Logs look like bodies, branches like claws, sticks like tails. Instead you learn to let your eyes ride over the landscape on their own. They will search for you. It is not form or hue they will pick out but motion. Your eyes spot movement instinctively, even the breath of movement, and hold on to it like a pointing dog until your mind sees what they see. It is evolutionary. The human nose is a joke, the ears barely adequate; but the eyes, the eyes of a human are the eyes of a predator.” The book starts off with a journey to the place where the Niger river is said to originate. Jenkins sprinkles the history of previous Niger river explorations while keeping the journey personal.

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Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Hi all- I just wanted to check in to let you know I am alive- I had some surgery and it wiped me out…unexpectedly. I am starting to feel better – I worked on Friday and took my first car ride in two weeks! I have very  little art for you- what little time I was able to sit up for I used on tags4peace. I made my order of 100 packs of 25 tags and 500 free tags for the Gallery of Gifts in Newport NH. The show opens November 11 through December 23, 2017 swing by if you can. There are hand made, juried in, gifts from about 100 artists and prices are right! Hopefully the Christmas fairies will shine on this project and people will buy those tags. Here is a birthday card I made for my sister-in-law. Mixed media water color and ink- Until next week – Peace- Bec





Watercolor Words and Wandering

I am raw about the killings in Las Vegas. We are just a week out and asking for a reason. I am too. I just cannot understand killing. In a way, I hope I will never understand. What reason could there possibly be? Say the killer had a brain tumor- is that going to allay our fears? LOTS of people have brain tumors (700,000 in the US) and they are not going to attack random people. I know folks in other places have been living with war and terrorism and they seem to carry on living. I really do not want to live a fear based life and my positivism has yet to see a way through this growing fear. There are lots of things that I no longer do, or if I do them I am on edge. People say just live your life, if we give in to our fears then they “win”. This feels like an “opiate of the people”. Fear is a life saver how can I not use it to guide me? I hit the woods last week and this week to try to find solace….it helped a bit.

Follow this link to the article about the Howard farm that I spoke of last week https://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/Library_Bulletin/Apr1994/Perrin.html

I also said I was going to talk about the Vietnam documentary I was watching by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. I caught the 8th, 9th and 10th episode. I want to get the others and watch them for sure. I guess it must be my age but this documentary really hit me hard. As I mentioned before I have had a cursory study of the war in history class but I really had no idea of what went on. I have to get 1 through 8 and watch them but I highly recommend series. WARNING-Not for the faint of heart and if you are remotely depressed or on the conspiracy train save it till you feel better :).

I wanted to show you my versions of The Common Ground Fair. I have been going for about 7 years and I have painted at the fair often. I dug through all my paintings and found them. I think it is “neat” to see them year over year. The year of the Echinacea it was windy and cold- so I just got the sketch done- but it sold! So you never know 🙂 As always hover over the paintings for more info. 2015 was the year I have spent the most time on so far I took it back to my studio to try to “finish” it.

I also painted the tree across from Bradford Village Pizza this week and have painted it in the past too.  Once I looked at the picture, I noticed that I had downward facing branches AGAIN! OH well…some day I will paint what is ACTUALLY there maybe? I do like the contrast that I am seeing in my work. In roughly the same amount of time ( 3 hours) I am getting a more dramatic painting.

I also did a couple of cards but I cannot show them to you yet- I have to get them mailed first 🙂

Until next week- PEACE-and I mean it! Bec





Watercolor Words and Wanderings

What an amazing week of weather we have had! Too hot to go outside for a few days- next day frost. I signed up for a workshop at Artistree in Pomfret VT. I would imbed a link if I could get the think to work! http://artistreevt.org/  The 4 hour work shop was about painting En Plein Aire- but since we had become accustomed to 85 degree weather- we all froze in 60 degree weather so we painted looking out windows! Artistree is a very nice place to take classes and Margaret Dwyer did a great job covering the theme. I got out yesterday morning and hiked the Web Forest Interpretive Trail in New London, NH. It was a beautiful day. Then in the afternoon I went to scrap book event to secure some equipment for tags4peace. All in all I had a good week- Tuesday afternoon watercolor class started up at The Bradford Area Community Center- Becky Darling teaches those and the price is right if you are any where near! $20.00 per 3 hours class. We have do not class this week but will be at it again on the 10th October 2017- if you wanna come try this out contact me and I will send you to Becky Darling’s email. I also painted with the Odanaksis group on Thursday. We went the Howard in North Thetford VT. The farm had LOADS of history and Sue was gracious enough to provide us with a previously published article about it. I cannot put my hands on it but will try to get it for next week. Friday’s Differently Abled Adults Class is back on till’ spring. This week I start teaching a Tuesday morning  drop in watercolor class – looking forward to that! This class is for beginner to intermediate and we will focus on watercolor techniques and paint properties- what exactly we will paint will depend on who shows up! You can get more info about this class at the Newport Library Arts web site or email me or them -info@libraryartscenter.org

OK enough talk here’s the pics! As always hover over them to get a glimpse into my monkey mind! OH- OH and one more thing…I started watching this documentary on the Vietnam War…I studied this before but I guess I was too young to appreciate or too in me head to feel. I am going to come back to this documentary and what happened to me while watching it- next week

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ba- dee- ba- dee- ba- dee – that’s all folks!