Watercolor Words and Wanderings


What a great weekend I had at Robert J. O’Brien’s class on painting windows and doors. There were only 4 students so we all had lots of time to get questions answers. At one point I looked up from my paper and the class was discussing cerulean blue and how some brands are more granulating than others. We all thought that so far Winsor&Newton makes the most granulating formula. I LOVE talking shop! The above painting was my back up composition as I was able to get the first one mostly done on Saturday. I came home and drew this one up (incorrectly I might add ) so I would have something to work on during class on Sunday. As it turns out I barely got this one started in class so I came home and finished it. It is from a book called Newfoundland copyright 1987 and the reference photo is by Ben Hanson. The photo is titled Greenspond,Bonavista Bay. I declared it finished because of the bad drawing will only lead to more frustration. I especially like the light reflecting off the stove…I think it is really starting to work.


This is the painting that I spent the majority of my time on. It is The Peter Grubb Hut In The Sierras. The reference photo was taken by my brother Booker. While this in not a particularly “beautiful” painting. I think I was able to capture the space=thanks to guidance from Robert. When you do work in class it is a no-no to exhibit or sell and I can really see why. This has Robert’s fingerprints all over it. I also used gouache – not sure if that is the spelling- for the first time. This was to try to create the opacity in the window glass and the snow that was stuck on the window. It was fun but I think I will stay away from  gouache it seems a little to “gadgetish” to me! Below you can see the third week of live model painting – this is Susie and I am not getting any better- YET! 🙂 Next week I am going to limit my pallet. This week I have to focus on getting my students work ready for their art opening- I hope you have a creative week- Peace- BeckyDSCN1294

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

If I can figure out how to post in the future this blog entry will post while I am in the middle of a two day watercolor workshop. Robert J. O’Brien is the teacher. I took a class with him in the fall on my 50th birthday. He is an amazing artist and a great teacher. I like his style. The class is about painting window and doors. I will blog about the class and let you know what I learned.

This week I wanted to show you some pictures that are inspirations for paintings. In 2014 I was fortunate to travel to a wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This painting is heading to the bride and groom after it comes down from the art show at The Tuftonboro Library. I was really interested in the architecture but the jungle took over!

This painting was inspired by the mountains after an afternoon thunder storm. Having never painted a city, I was not sure what to leave in and what to leave out- I was painting in the hall off the back of the hotel. I think we were on the 10th floor so the drop left me slightly queasy. Because I chose to paint first and deal with drawing mistakes later, I led myself into some structural problems and decided to abandon this painting. I think it is important so show others this because at this stage of my painting career for every painting that makes it to “finished”  there are probably 25 (or more)that do not. Below are a few more paintings that were started on that trip- I had a good weekend. The humidity made for great painting and it was hot for October and my north country bones. 🙂


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

This was a great week for creativity- I was able to get into my studio everyday but one ! I feel so blessed to have a warm and bright place I can just skip up to and create.

I finished “The Kayaker” and I got carried away with the wave puddles it was lots of fun to create. You can also see the results of the second week of having a live model at The Newport Library Arts Center. I debated about subjecting… err ah …I mean sharing this with you as the outcome is naïve at best, but I thought maybe as the years go by we can track my progress. The flowers are a W.I.P.- these are demos for my art class-I am trying to show the students how I start a painting. The rose hips were started in Maine this past summer. Cadillac Mountain is featured in a couple of the water color sketches. I also continue to try to paint those pink granite Acadian rocks- I spent most of my summer trying to learn about painting rocks. I bet I will spend the better part of ten years learning to paint rocks.

This weeks media consumption/recommendations: I finished watching The Cleaner  and have been listening to The Judge John Hodgeman Podcast  -always good for a chuckle. I also recommend The Jealous Curator . She is helping me understand more and more that artist gotta art and not worry so much about the outcome or judgements of others. That being said I sold 2 paintings this week- cash is good so I can buy more supplies! Until next week- Peace, Bec


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Good Sunday Morning!

I had an amazing week of “arting”. I got into my studio 4 times and you can see some of the results attached. The fall scene is a painting I started En Plein Aire (that means outside for any non art geeks). It is a view of Lovell Mountain from East Washington, NH. It was a beautiful fall day. I noticed off to my left there were some sheep so I may return to try to capture them next year!

My winter teaching sessions started this week. Thursday night began a 6 week watercolor class for beginner/intermediate artist and 12 students are enrolled. We mostly talked about supplies and what to expect from the class. I was able to get folks painting and some people said they were very relaxed. YAY! If people find a way to get some down time. I can consider myself a success.

Fridays I teach a differently abled adult class in the morning and we tried a new technique of putting clean water in an area and then dropping pigment in. I forgot to take pictures but I will for next week. Fridays also means teaching afterschool art for children ages 7-12. This week I tried to teach them about ripping paper rather than cutting- no one was really up for the challenge but we had fun. We are making mobiles. They are mostly underwater themed with the exception of one child who is making his favorite animals with no legs (they are too hard to rip). Children bring  lots of energy and less filtering. I may need an assistant if the class get much bigger! The Newport Library Arts Center also started offering a live model to draw/ paint. No teacher just artist making art. 6 Artist came to that and I was thrilled- I expected there might be me and one other artist. I am the studio manager for these sessions. Please come if you are in the area.

Lots of new beginnings this week- I have been consuming “The Cleaner” on Amazon Fire. The podcast of the week has been “How To Be Amazing- #17” with Bobcat Goldthwait. Both seem to have a theme of joy of living and being true to yourself, or maybe I hear what I want to hear ?





Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Good Sunday Morning!

Yesterday I hung my first solo art show at the library in my home town. It was a lot of work and I learned a ton. I am grateful for the opportunity to cut my teeth. In October of 2014 I had 3 pieces accepted into a juried show for Alumni and Faculty/Staff but this one was all my art.

I had been given  huge gift of some frames and matts from my friend and photographer Rick Libbey AKA Moose Man Nature Photos  http://www.moosemannaturephotos.com/ that made my journey that much easier – I dug through my work and found ones that I liked and that fit into the matts (mostly). My partner Chris went to the store and got some glass cut and I found out you can’t get museum quality glass at just any old place. I will save that for the next framing round. Maybe I will get lucky and I can put Chris on this…then came the how to secure and put a dust cover and finish off the backs. I found out that I needed larger bumpers than I had purchased and that bumper are put on the bottoms only primarily to keep moisture form the wall wicking into the art.

What I did well was bring lots of art there were corners that would only work for certain pieces. I got a list with names, dates of completion and prices together. Last year I had business cards made so I put those out with a picture of my taken by another professional photographer friend of mine Maundy Mitchel http://maundymitchell.com/ thank you Maundy for some beautiful shots.

What needs work is the “tags” for identifying the titles, if they are not for sale, etc. I need a better system and they should have the date as well. I also started to get together a little book so folks that wanted to could; read more about each pieces…I grew short on time and enthusiasm. I will work on that a piece or two at time. I found trying to figure out where the piece was painted and when was a good practice for me and will add more info to the back of the actual paintings as they are done so I do not lose this info.

Here is a picture of the folks at the library and a bit of the show

Peace-Out till next Sunday