Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I finally started working on my latest project-it is called tags4peace. I am using recycled holiday cards to create gift tags and all the profits will go to help end domestic violence. I am excited to get this going. I have already learned a few things about tag making- smudging inks and etc…so hang in with me while I figure this out. I have reserved the domain and just need to get a basic web site up…planning on having cards made to attach to each packet of tags and also getting a stamp/sticker so each tag will refer folks to the web site for more info. Please save your cards for this project and tell your friends too! I have done very little painting been busy exploring the world and making tags. My painting classes starts up again this week- last day for teaching until 2017.


On the media this week is a TV show called Goliath- an amazon series- starring Billy Bob Thornton. Wicked good!

Here are some picture of my travels…

I hope you have a great week- peace out – till next week- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

My Friday morning class was pretending we were looking out a portal of a sub…here are a few of their creations….so much fun!

I did a little watercolor sketching this week. Trying to get back into some kind of habit of painting. I also needed to demo the dry brush technique for my Thursday night class. I rarely use this technique and as a result am not very good at! Dry brush happens when you load the brush with pigment but not much water and you kind of drag it around. The direction on the brush marks and using an old crappy brush are some tricks that folks use . Dry brush creates some great texture often used for side of barns, tree trunks and grass but I guess it could be incorporated into most any painting.

This week’s on the media is…once again…. the colored pencil podcast. John and Lisa were talking about using ETSY or EBAY to sell your work- they talked about the pros and cons of each. They also discussed Amazon-Homemade (which I had never heard of and they do NOT recommend) and argued a bit about making sure folks came back to the artists home page.

I have most of the next week off- planning to get painting and work on some Christmas stuff I have been putting off! I have also been working on a fund raiser to help end domestic violence and will share some pictures with you soon- I just need to pin down a name for the project.

Till’ Next Week-Peace Out-


Water Color Words and Wanderings

I did not do much art this week- I was focusing on my students. We are in the sixth week of class and I spend a good deal of time making sure I have ideas and resources to tag along with those ideas. We did a project about the night sky and fireflies…here are couple of pictures. These smiling faces are what kept me going this week.

Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

This weeks show and tell is short. I have been sick and stressed out and barely getting my walks in. I am getting those niggling thoughts about getting back to a “real” job…I promised you readers a journey from full time employee to full time artist and a journey you shall get. How could I be surprised that my life would be anything else?

I have a Halloween painting for you…I hope you had a great one…the weather was good here and the children were out in full force with their parents on the main street. Hover over pics for more info!


This weeks On The Media is once again The Colored Pencil Podcast- they discuss the ins and outs of creating an email list. GOOD STUFF!

Until next week may the creative goddesses smile on you and me!

Peace Out- Bec