Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Thursday night marked the end of night teaching for me until fall. I enjoy teaching, it really pushes me to understand watercolor. As part of class I was demonstrating how to use gouache ( think super opaque watercolor paint) and I had such a good time with it….IĀ got carried away! You know the drill hover over picture for more info!

This was a lesson from the class I am taking- the teacher, Becky Darling, wanted us to see the reflected color on the white tea pot.

We also painted mini still life paintings in class…this is 4″ x 6″ in size.

Wow-I have a lot this week. Below is a splatter tree with blown roots. This is a great exercise to get folks to loosen up and have fun! Color theory 101- primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel, like yellow, orange and red or blue, blue green and green.

Yup I still have more…below are some examples of how to paint trees. Trees were focus of our last class.

Lastly my friend Bin doesĀ a count down to spring on her FB page and I asked if I could do a number….here it is …it reminds me of those color blindness tests šŸ™‚


Until next week- Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Way a beautiful day it has been- instead of writing, painting or other wise creating- IĀ went cross country skiing out near the Bradford Bog, NH.dscn3643My watercolor class wants to learn how toĀ paint waves so I have been brushing up on how toĀ paint waves. Below is a sky getting ready for waves šŸ˜‰ and also you can see a page of color swatches. This is a test to determine which colors are more transparent and which are moreĀ staining. I first putĀ the black lines on the pages with a sharpie, thenĀ the paint over the black line. TheĀ more transparent the paint the lessĀ it covers the black.Ā Once the swatches are dry, I took a brush to scrub off the color to see how much I can lift. The more I can lift the lessĀ staining the paint. You cannot see very well but some colors can scrub right off, almost back to the white of the paper and others hardly budge at all. I splattered someĀ gouache on the snow scenes to try to mimic snow falling.Ā I am down with the funny tree one but not sure about the lighted window house yet…I am exhausted up at 1:30- until next week- Peace- Bec



Watercolor Words and Wanderings



This week winter finally arrived- we had about 10 ” of snow on Thursday and are expecting 12″ more today/tonight. The snow is so beautiful- painting that beauty andĀ glow is a prime opportunity with watercolor. I am not the best at this but practice, practice! I woke up at midnight because a spider bit my face and I was itching and ended up staying up. I have been doing some ancestry research Ā work and discovered I have an ancestor by the name of Mercy Lake. What a cool name- I wonder where this nameĀ came from? Sometimes I find that names have been passed down like Charles on my dad’s side. It can make it very confusing to figure out who is whom but lots of fun figuring it out! I was able to get into my studio a few day this past week- thank you snow storms!

I started the paintingĀ  below for class and I love the idea and will create more of these in the future. The next one I do I will call Mercy Lake!

And last but maybe not the least….till next week- peace out- bec



Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I worked everyday last week on all things but painting. Set and prep for my studentsĀ art show. My first week administering tests for NAEP. Worked on my taxes. Art show opening and 2 watercolor classes. I had a head ache every day but Friday- I think I need glasses! I did get some painting done. I am counting the days until this NAEP job is over šŸ™‚ 5 weeks to go.

Here is another possible Christmas card design.

Below is an exercise I am doing to get ready to teach on Thursday. The set with the red flower is on a paper called YUPO.Ā I used the transparent version of YUPO for this exercise. It is a whole new world. The paint does not really stick to the paper and the pigment does some weird things. So much fun. I guess you have to seal this work with a fixative if you want it to last. I do like how the paint lifted to create a soft shadow. As usual if you want to know more about a pieceĀ just hover over the picture. If you want to know even more just contact me! rebecca.s.bense@gmail.com

The plate came out of the firing- I made this with Luisa in mind but I am not happy with the color scheme. I think I will try again and do more lemons next time maybe even slightly bigger? What do you think?

OK- going to watch the super bowl- Peace Out Till Next Week!- Bec