Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Hi! I do exist! I got on a blog pessimism kick for a bit! Set up a solo show at The Local Buzz in Bradford, VT last week. It was a lot of work and it looks good…here are some pictures of the show. The photos are HORRIBLE but you can get the idea of how much work went into the show! Today I met with a professional photographer to start getting high quality pictures for potential printing and for sure for my record here! I have also been working with a job coach for about 5 weeks. That has been a terrific thing.

I hope you are creating too- Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

It came up in conversation yesterday, just what is a Giclee print anyway? I thought I should learn that as I tip toe my way through finding the most cost effective way to get my art reproduced and also end up with a product I can be proud of. First off it is pronounced Zhee Clay ( I often get the consonants mixed up and say Glee-shay ;)). Giclee is derived from a French verb gicler meaning to spray or squirt. Wikipedia claims my ink jet printer can produce a Giclee.  According to gicleetoday.com the answer is no. Giclee uses special light-fast, water resistant, archival inks on archival substrates. The process uses 12 of these special inks creating a very accurate color reproduction of the original.  If treated properly, the prints will last a lifetime. The way the image is scanned is different also. The original is scanned directly on a drum scanner or large flatbed. If the image is larger, or cannot be taken off the stretcher frames, then a professional large format photograph must be taken. Finally it also seems that most of the Giclee printers can accommodate large sizes. So that seems to be it in a nut shell!

Here is what I have been working on this week- I hope you have a good week- Peace Out-Bec






Watercolor Words and Wandering

I have not been wandering very much lately. Just when I got the OK to go back to the gym after major surgery…I got a nasty cold. Dry hacking cough, sore throat- grrr. I have managed to get some painting done this week! In my studio and I am just reaching into the stack of W.I.P.’s and working on them as they pop up. In my Tuesday morning drop in class I taught about working on hot pressed paper ( which is very smooth) using a glazing technique I saw on youtube done by Jay Lee. We also worked on our field and tree paintings. Looking at the pictures of this I really despise the composition…I made the walls between the fields too straight! I can fix that!

I missed class with Doris Rice on Wednesday due to cold- hoping to catch a class or two with her in January. I also missed class on Tuesday with Becky Darling, again due to my cold, but we were working on barns. Here is a picture she took and my start on a painting. I am wanting to make this a geometric design and I may even zentangle on it.

Below find the ones I finished- the butterfly is sold 🙂

Here are the ones that I decided were finished- they are smaller 4×6 and are of Cedar Circle Farm in Vermont.

Below are the ones that I worked on and are not done yet but you know I like to show you the progress.

I got my Christmas cards off and returned from Vista Print! I am also getting ready for a show with my Odanaksis Plein Aire group. 4 painting framed and ready. Being home sick has been productive! Until next week- Peace Out- Bec


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

DSCN4407Yikes! My computer crashed hard. I am so in love with the bubbles on the polar bear. Both bears saw 5 to 6 layers of glazing  to get that deep rich color…but maintain the glow of the paper. I then used Pigma pens to “zentangle” the lines. I am going to re-do the bubble blowing one for sure….stay tuned. Also I am pleased to announce….a finished painting! Not only finished but also sold!( Thank you – you know who you are!)Now I need to name this one. The butterfly started in class with Becky Darling. Everyone loved it – they all thought the colors were “IN”….I thought it was a mess! A friend looked at it and just had to have it….so just goes to show ya! The birch trees above are a lesson from class that we are working on about masking/hold your whites.

Peace Out- Till next week!




Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I missed most of Tuesday class this week to follow up with the doctor’s helper- the good news is I am healing well. I went to a Christmas card making class in Exeter, NH on Saturday. Doris Rice taught the class and I learned a bunch about running a class when folks are painting small paintings. Doris did an excellent job- she was prepared and confident. I am hoping to study some more with her. It is about an hour ride to Exeter and what a cute town!

Here are my FINISHED -YES- FINISHED cards! WHooT WhOOt….If you want to use any for your cards this year let me know!


Here are the ones I am still working on…


Gotta run late for a meeting 🙂 Until Next week- Peace Out- Bec


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Happy fall everyone! Finally the air is feeling like fall- most of the leaves are down. My mom noticed that I have an iris blooming! I hope the warm, wacky weather will not stress out the plant too much. I taught a Watercolor Card Making Workshop at The Library Arts Center on Saturday. It was so much fun getting ready for and teaching. Nine folks came and it was just the right amount. Folks made some great cards- there were all levels of painters there too. We used arches 140 LB cold pressed paper and then we will attach the art to our cards once we get the work flattened out. Here are the demos I prepared for class…

Below is what we did in art class on Tuesday- Becky Darling set up a fall still life and she brought this bizarre pumpkin doll- this is only an under painting and I am not sure I will do much with it as the subject is not much interest to me. We also are using a book titled , The Artists Color Guide by Hazel Soan. This book serves as a guide for class and we are studying in more detail color…this week was oranges straight out of the tube. The black line is done with a permanent marker and is there so we can gage how transparent or opaque the color is.

and lastly a small thank you card I made…feeling much better and should be back on track this week in terms of art! Peace Out- Bec


Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I found this post- I had written to help cover my surgery time- I thought I had posted it but I guess not! So today is a two post day!… 🙂


I have been spending most of my time making gift tags for my tags4peace project. The project was accepted in to the Newport Library Gallery of Gifts and that means I need to have PLENTY of product to sell. The last 6 weeks has found me making tags when every I have a minute and my painting has taken a back seat. In fact, I really have not painted seriously since the week-long work shop. I will need to find some balance with this project. I have been reading a book called Timbuktu, by Mark Jenkins. My Uncle had mentioned he liked this book a while back and so far, I concur! I am about ½ way through. Here is a passage from page 112. This is shortly after their first close encounter with a crocodile. “When you are hunting, you don’t look for shapes or colors. If you do, everything is an animal. Logs look like bodies, branches like claws, sticks like tails. Instead you learn to let your eyes ride over the landscape on their own. They will search for you. It is not form or hue they will pick out but motion. Your eyes spot movement instinctively, even the breath of movement, and hold on to it like a pointing dog until your mind sees what they see. It is evolutionary. The human nose is a joke, the ears barely adequate; but the eyes, the eyes of a human are the eyes of a predator.” The book starts off with a journey to the place where the Niger river is said to originate. Jenkins sprinkles the history of previous Niger river explorations while keeping the journey personal.

Hover over these below for more information.

Until next week-

Peace Out-