Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Good  evening everyone!

I have been in a two day workshop with Robert O’Brien. We were working on creating a sense of light. Here are two W.I.P.’s and one W.I.P. done by Robert. I learned a lot and am thankful to The Library Arts Center for continuing to offer classes at such a great rate. I am exhausted and lots to do to get ready for work tomorrow.

Peace Out- Till Next Week-


Robert O’Brien W.I.P. Demo for Winter 2017 Class

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

We had a pretty bit of snow drop in and I really wanted to paint it- but I find I am too busy. YIKES- STILL too busy to paint. I need to do a double check on my priorities! I did get a little bit of painting done this week and teaching watercolor class for adults on Thursday nights started up again. So much excitement! In class on Friday we did an exercise in contrasts- in the world we have hot cold, soft hard, spicy mild, etc. In art we can show contrast through color, texture, line quality, shapes, values…. below is a W.I.P.. I am keeping the circles warm colors and background hard straight lines will be cool colors. The ballerina is going to float between the circles and the hard straight lines- I hope!dscn3557

Thursday Lisa and I went to TipTopPottery in White River Junction, VT and painted some forms…this is the plate I did before it was fired…be fun to see what it actually turns out like! I will post a picture when I get it back. I also wanted to show you the phenomenal response I have received for Tags4Peace. All these cards just waiting to be turned into tags! Remember next year to save those cards you get in the mail for me!


There are a few more pieces I started this week…hover over them for more info.

Here is a lesson we did in class- our teacher, Becky Darling, had us pick a painting to try to reproduce- she intentionally had us reproducing oil paintings. She wanted us to answer a few questions: What grabbed our attention immediately? Why did we choose this painting? What is the color scheme? Where is the focal point and how did artist achieve this? What is the path the eye follows through the painting? What did you learn from painting this work of art? My W.I.P. is on left- Franz Bischoff’s finished master piece on right.

I choose Bischoff’s painting because I love the colors and contrasts. The house in the front where one side is pushed to bright yellow and the other pushed to purple is what grabbed me first and I think that is also the focal point of the painting. Bischoff achieved this by using complementary colors. My eye goes to house and then to back ground houses, following the road and back around via the mountains, trees to the foreground. I am not finished but so far I have learned the importance of planning before painting.

OK- enough for this week- Peace Out- Till Next Week!



Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Morgan’s grandfather Frank Bitel passed away this week. Morgan is my mother’s sister’s daughter and she has my name as her middle name, Morgan Rebecca Bitel. What happens to her tugs hard on my heart strings even though I have not maintained as close a relationship with her as I had dreamed for us. She is in my thoughts almost daily. This tragic event has cast a dark cloud over my world- diet off the rails, lots of video games and very little creating. I had not seen Frank since my aunt and uncle got a divorce a few decades ago and I had forgotten about his joyous heart. When I saw his picture and that smile that could brighten a dark night, I knew I would have to pick myself up out of this funk ASAP. I was heading out the door to teach and asked for help to be relieved from the bondage of self and set an example that Frank would endorse. The first student I see is Lisa. I have been learning from Lisa for over a year and she says “Friday is the best weekend day.” This past Friday she came to class and followed along and created the project I taught. This marks the first time she has she created a picture in class from her imagination. She creates amazing work but she is usually using another artist’s idea. Her Mom and I are hoping to get her connected with a program called Artlifting. These folks could help her support herself and in order to do that she will need to have original art to exhibit. I cannot help but think that Frank’s joy came through last Friday and the next time I am into a funk I am going to try to feel my feelings and also remember Frank and put a smile on my face and get on with the business of living! Below is a picture of Lisa with her ORIGINAL creation 🙂 Until next week- this is me trying to stay on the sunnyside!

Peace- Becky



Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I have been on the left side of the United States for a few weeks and enjoying the mild weather- taking tons of pictures and painting some in between spending time with family and eating!  I created a bunch of mini paintings to be used as tags for gifts. They spawned some ideas for cards designs for next year. I know it is early but I have to get them done and ready by about September to get them into fairs and etc. I think the snow person with the MARCO hat is just too cute ( like the person I made it for). I  also like the snow bear and the tag with the three tall trees- What are your favorites?

I finished the cardinal card design…

Started and I think finished a still life….

Persimmon de Maria 2016

Started a painting….

Made a card for a friend’s 60th birthday…img_5085

We ate at In Situ at the SFMOMA- THANK YOU RAMA and it was a great meal- go if you can! Classes started on Friday and I have been working on things other than art since I arrived home- but I promise I will create art –  Until Next Week- Peace Out- Bec