Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Morgan’s grandfather Frank Bitel passed away this week. Morgan is my mother’s sister’s daughter and she has my name as her middle name, Morgan Rebecca Bitel. What happens to her tugs hard on my heart strings even though I have not maintained as close a relationship with her as I had dreamed for us. She is in my thoughts almost daily. This tragic event has cast a dark cloud over my world- diet off the rails, lots of video games and very little creating. I had not seen Frank since my aunt and uncle got a divorce a few decades ago and I had forgotten about his joyous heart. When I saw his picture and that smile that could brighten a dark night, I knew I would have to pick myself up out of this funk ASAP. I was heading out the door to teach and asked for help to be relieved from the bondage of self and set an example that Frank would endorse. The first student I see is Lisa. I have been learning from Lisa for over a year and she says “Friday is the best weekend day.” This past Friday she came to class and followed along and created the project I taught. This marks the first time she has she created a picture in class from her imagination. She creates amazing work but she is usually using another artist’s idea. Her Mom and I are hoping to get her connected with a program called Artlifting. These folks could help her support herself and in order to do that she will need to have original art to exhibit. I cannot help but think that Frank’s joy came through last Friday and the next time I am into a funk I am going to try to feel my feelings and also remember Frank and put a smile on my face and get on with the business of living! Below is a picture of Lisa with her ORIGINAL creation 🙂 Until next week- this is me trying to stay on the sunnyside!

Peace- Becky




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