Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I have been working hard in my studio towards the goal of finishing up some of my W.I.P.’s. I count 19 on the wall of HEE YAH ready to mat and frame and sell!


Some you have seen before that were so close to done there is not much sense in showing you them again….here are a couple that you can see the evolution of just hover over the picture to see my comments on the process or well you never know what I might be thinking about…!!!

Here are two more that are finished!Sorry I did not take good process pictures for you- I thought I did but I cannot find them! Some day I am going to read the directions to this blogging thing – there must be an easier way! 🙂

Dorcas Library Low Tide One 2016



Schoodic Point Cliff Two 2016


I have been so out of touch this week- listening to re runs of the Moth Radio Hour- the one from September 6th 2016 is great. There are talks about REM, car wrecks and the circus. One of those laugh to cry to hope again episodes.

Till next week- peace out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I have been pretty busy this week painting. I finished this one which was brewing for a whole year! You can see the transition in the photos below. I got really lucky that the blue masking tape came off without damaging the paper or leaving a residue. The advice I have read is to take the masking fluid or tape off as soon as possible to avoid those types of problems. Seeing it finished I wish I had placed a few more of the white flowers on the page- the white flower is right smack dab in the middle of the left right line on the page. Had I been thinking I should have placed it on one of the golden grid spots. This is where the lines meet when the page is divided into three equal chunks in both directions-kind of like tic-tac-toe. Where the lines cross is usually a good place to put a focal point or point of interest. I think I am calling this “The Lone Survivor”


Then here is one that I started last week in my watercolor class. I am SUPER psyched about the direction that it is going in. Once I got the greens done towards the bottom, I very unsure of what to do next. I almost called my teacher to ask but I stared at it for a few hours and it came to me to move the green into blues. I will work on this this week…


Here is another painting started in class- this is a process that Margaret Dwyer taught me. First you wet the paper, then arrange objects on it and then pour pigment around the objects. Then be patient and let it dry- you get these amazing patterns. I also have been staring at this one for a while. I decided that there were coy fish in and around the leaves. My teacher directed me to a really cool book called, Chinese Painting Techniques for Exquisite Watercolors by Lian Quan Zhen. That book has some great instructions on how to draw and paint fish and birds. These two paintings are practice for the original. I am glad I decided to practice. I learned quite a bit about painting these fish. If you hover over the pictures you can see my comments- BTW most of my blog posts use this feature.

On The Media this week – While listening to The Deliberate Creative I heard about a new pod cast called Magic. Magic is created by Elizabeth Gilbert….I was out of range this last week so I could not listen to it but and waiting with much anticipation to subscribe.

Until next week- Peace – Out! Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I took a ride up to Wolfeboro, NH to see if I could get my art in a show up there. It is a cool idea by the Governor Wentworth Regional Council On The Arts . Artists bring in their work and then later in the day florist come and if they choose your painting then next year in September there will be a show with painting and flower arrangements- I hope one of mine gets chosen…here is what I am bringing…

As promised here are some photos of the art show! What a relief to have this off my plate!  The opening is Friday September 9th- WOW- I have learned so much about the behind the scenes of putting together a show. Thank you Kate and Biddy at  The Newport Library Arts Center and the whole team at Turning Points Network.

Now I can get on with the business of painting. I made a plan to get up at the same time everyday again- in an effort to get some discipline/structure back into my life. Being on vacation is great but I was not getting to my art. I will let you know how that goes! On the Media this week = I heard a great podcast on shifting time from The Ted Radio Hour- if you do nothing else this week take the hour and listen to this show-really- http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510298/ted-radio-hour it was broadcast August 5,22016 and is a re broadcast because it was so good! I still cannot get the link button to work again…I will make it point to ask for help on this- now go listen to that show!

Until Next Week- Peace Out- Bec

Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Yikes! This week flew by…no work to post…I have been helping hang a show and create an installation and keep forgetting to take picture to show you! The show opens Friday September 9th at 5:00pm. Please come if you can. The show will be up through most of October at The Newport Library Arts Center in Newport New Hampshire. The name of the show is Voice s and Visions: Empower(ME)nt Through Art You can go here for details- http://libraryartscenter.org/

Here is some older work…the photo is not so good. This is called Hellen’s View and was painted in the front yard of my uncle’s yard. Lots of pics next week PROMISE! Peace Out- BecIMG_20150223_183137