Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I went to The Common Ground Fair again this year. It is located in the town of Unity in the great state of Maine. It is a bit of a long drive but so worth it. It is the Maine Organic Farmers Fair. All the food is organic and from Maine (except for coffee-which was voted in as an exception a few years back). There are 6 or 7 areas which include subjects like textile, green energy, animal husbandry, woodlot and experimental gardening plots. You can learn how to use hoogle culture, can tomatoes, turn acorns into flour. There are lectures on raising worms, chickens and hoop gardening. They also have speakers come and discuss all things organic. The kids have a place to do “kid” like things. Every day they dress up and have a parade through the grounds. They use bikes to collect the sorted trash- most of which is composted. It is a great event. I try to paint for a while each time I go. I have been working away on my W.I.P.’s here are a few more finished!

Until Next Week- Peace Out- Bec









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