Watercolor Words and Wanderings

As promised a busy week of painting in Maine…Thank you for checking out my blog! As always (mostly) hover over the picture for more info about art.

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I worked hard everyday- I only finished one ( maybe- 😉 looking at it today I think it needs more work in the foreground)

Here is one I have been looking at for a while….

Painted EN Plein Aire a lot while I was in Maine, the weather was pretty good! After using  my masking fluid for 3 days I discovered it was sticking to paper- not sure if it has ruined the work or not. Bummer but keeping me on my toes!

Sunday-Across the Street- Gouldsboro, Maine

Monday-Schoodic Point, looking toward Mark Island

Tuesday- Winter Harbor, Maine

Wednesday- Machias, Maine

Saturday- Schoodic Point, Gouldsboro/Winter Harbor, Maine

Sunday- Schoodic Point, I think this is Goose Island?, Gouldsboro/Winter Harbor, Maine. I paint here a lot. There is a tree to sit under and a place to get and leave water across the way.

I also worked on the “Ugly Fly” :O) which BTW is SOLD (I think) !

and lastly…I hope you have a great week! Peace- Bec









2 thoughts on “Watercolor Words and Wanderings

    1. Thank you Janet- I feel that I am growing in leaps and bounds! SO very blessed to have this time to create and the drive to make the jump into “being” an artist. Thank you again for your support and kind words!


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