Watercolor Words and Wanderings

If I can figure out how to post in the future this blog entry will post while I am in the middle of a two day watercolor workshop. Robert J. O’Brien is the teacher. I took a class with him in the fall on my 50th birthday. He is an amazing artist and a great teacher. I like his style. The class is about painting window and doors. I will blog about the class and let you know what I learned.

This week I wanted to show you some pictures that are inspirations for paintings. In 2014 I was fortunate to travel to a wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This painting is heading to the bride and groom after it comes down from the art show at The Tuftonboro Library. I was really interested in the architecture but the jungle took over!

This painting was inspired by the mountains after an afternoon thunder storm. Having never painted a city, I was not sure what to leave in and what to leave out- I was painting in the hall off the back of the hotel. I think we were on the 10th floor so the drop left me slightly queasy. Because I chose to paint first and deal with drawing mistakes later, I led myself into some structural problems and decided to abandon this painting. I think it is important so show others this because at this stage of my painting career for every painting that makes it to “finished”  there are probably 25 (or more)that do not. Below are a few more paintings that were started on that trip- I had a good weekend. The humidity made for great painting and it was hot for October and my north country bones. 🙂