Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Happy fall everyone! Finally the air is feeling like fall- most of the leaves are down. My mom noticed that I have an iris blooming! I hope the warm, wacky weather will not stress out the plant too much. I taught a Watercolor Card Making Workshop at The Library Arts Center on Saturday. It was so much fun getting ready for and teaching. Nine folks came and it was just the right amount. Folks made some great cards- there were all levels of painters there too. We used arches 140 LB cold pressed paper and then we will attach the art to our cards once we get the work flattened out. Here are the demos I prepared for class…

Below is what we did in art class on Tuesday- Becky Darling set up a fall still life and she brought this bizarre pumpkin doll- this is only an under painting and I am not sure I will do much with it as the subject is not much interest to me. We also are using a book titled , The Artists Color Guide by Hazel Soan. This book serves as a guide for class and we are studying in more detail color…this week was oranges straight out of the tube. The black line is done with a permanent marker and is there so we can gage how transparent or opaque the color is.

and lastly a small thank you card I made…feeling much better and should be back on track this week in terms of art! Peace Out- Bec


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