Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I found this post- I had written to help cover my surgery time- I thought I had posted it but I guess not! So today is a two post day!… 🙂


I have been spending most of my time making gift tags for my tags4peace project. The project was accepted in to the Newport Library Gallery of Gifts and that means I need to have PLENTY of product to sell. The last 6 weeks has found me making tags when every I have a minute and my painting has taken a back seat. In fact, I really have not painted seriously since the week-long work shop. I will need to find some balance with this project. I have been reading a book called Timbuktu, by Mark Jenkins. My Uncle had mentioned he liked this book a while back and so far, I concur! I am about ½ way through. Here is a passage from page 112. This is shortly after their first close encounter with a crocodile. “When you are hunting, you don’t look for shapes or colors. If you do, everything is an animal. Logs look like bodies, branches like claws, sticks like tails. Instead you learn to let your eyes ride over the landscape on their own. They will search for you. It is not form or hue they will pick out but motion. Your eyes spot movement instinctively, even the breath of movement, and hold on to it like a pointing dog until your mind sees what they see. It is evolutionary. The human nose is a joke, the ears barely adequate; but the eyes, the eyes of a human are the eyes of a predator.” The book starts off with a journey to the place where the Niger river is said to originate. Jenkins sprinkles the history of previous Niger river explorations while keeping the journey personal.

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Until next week-

Peace Out-


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