Watercolor Words and Wandering

I am raw about the killings in Las Vegas. We are just a week out and asking for a reason. I am too. I just cannot understand killing. In a way, I hope I will never understand. What reason could there possibly be? Say the killer had a brain tumor- is that going to allay our fears? LOTS of people have brain tumors (700,000 in the US) and they are not going to attack random people. I know folks in other places have been living with war and terrorism and they seem to carry on living. I really do not want to live a fear based life and my positivism has yet to see a way through this growing fear. There are lots of things that I no longer do, or if I do them I am on edge. People say just live your life, if we give in to our fears then they “win”. This feels like an “opiate of the people”. Fear is a life saver how can I not use it to guide me? I hit the woods last week and this week to try to find solace….it helped a bit.

Follow this link to the article about the Howard farm that I spoke of last week https://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/Library_Bulletin/Apr1994/Perrin.html

I also said I was going to talk about the Vietnam documentary I was watching by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. I caught the 8th, 9th and 10th episode. I want to get the others and watch them for sure. I guess it must be my age but this documentary really hit me hard. As I mentioned before I have had a cursory study of the war in history class but I really had no idea of what went on. I have to get 1 through 8 and watch them but I highly recommend series. WARNING-Not for the faint of heart and if you are remotely depressed or on the conspiracy train save it till you feel better :).

I wanted to show you my versions of The Common Ground Fair. I have been going for about 7 years and I have painted at the fair often. I dug through all my paintings and found them. I think it is “neat” to see them year over year. The year of the Echinacea it was windy and cold- so I just got the sketch done- but it sold! So you never know πŸ™‚ As always hover over the paintings for more info. 2015 was the year I have spent the most time on so far I took it back to my studio to try to “finish” it.

I also painted the tree across from Bradford Village Pizza this week and have painted it in the past too.Β  Once I looked at the picture, I noticed that I had downward facing branches AGAIN! OH well…some day I will paint what is ACTUALLY there maybe? I do like the contrast that I am seeing in my work. In roughly the same amount of time ( 3 hours) I am getting a more dramatic painting.

I also did a couple of cards but I cannot show them to you yet- I have to get them mailed first πŸ™‚

Until next week- PEACE-and I mean it! Bec





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