Watercolor Words and Wanderings

What an amazing week of weather we have had! Too hot to go outside for a few days- next day frost. I signed up for a workshop at Artistree in Pomfret VT. I would imbed a link if I could get the think to work! http://artistreevt.org/  The 4 hour work shop was about painting En Plein Aire- but since we had become accustomed to 85 degree weather- we all froze in 60 degree weather so we painted looking out windows! Artistree is a very nice place to take classes and Margaret Dwyer did a great job covering the theme. I got out yesterday morning and hiked the Web Forest Interpretive Trail in New London, NH. It was a beautiful day. Then in the afternoon I went to scrap book event to secure some equipment for tags4peace. All in all I had a good week- Tuesday afternoon watercolor class started up at The Bradford Area Community Center- Becky Darling teaches those and the price is right if you are any where near! $20.00 per 3 hours class. We have do not class this week but will be at it again on the 10th October 2017- if you wanna come try this out contact me and I will send you to Becky Darling’s email. I also painted with the Odanaksis group on Thursday. We went the Howard in North Thetford VT. The farm had LOADS of history and Sue was gracious enough to provide us with a previously published article about it. I cannot put my hands on it but will try to get it for next week. Friday’s Differently Abled Adults Class is back on till’ spring. This week I start teaching a Tuesday morning  drop in watercolor class – looking forward to that! This class is for beginner to intermediate and we will focus on watercolor techniques and paint properties- what exactly we will paint will depend on who shows up! You can get more info about this class at the Newport Library Arts web site or email me or them -info@libraryartscenter.org

OK enough talk here’s the pics! As always hover over them to get a glimpse into my monkey mind! OH- OH and one more thing…I started watching this documentary on the Vietnam War…I studied this before but I guess I was too young to appreciate or too in me head to feel. I am going to come back to this documentary and what happened to me while watching it- next week

Peace Out- til next week! Bec




ba- dee- ba- dee- ba- dee – that’s all folks!



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