Watercolor Words and Wanderings

While listening to ” A Way With Words” they recommended a youth book called Pax. This book is written by Sara Pennypacker and illustrated by Jon Klassen. What a sweet-scary-straight forward and yet somehow deep story. Take an afternoon and read this book and then consider passing it on to any young person’s parent that you know. I say give it to the parents because there are some tough scenes and I think parents need to decide if their child is ready for this book. Pax is about war and love and what it means to be a part of something bigger than self. Vola is one of the characters in the book and she makes marionettes. Here is a paragraph about her bringing the puppets to share with the folks in town.

A little girl with a fountain of beaded pigtails tugged on Vola’s overalls. She pointed to the elephant. ” How do you make him dance?” she demanded. Peter held his breath. But instead of lecturing the girl about figuring things out for herself, Vola crouched down to study the elephant. Peter noticed that the movement was smoother with the prosthesis. She had an ankle joint now-such a simple thing, to be able to flex. How much she had given up. “what makes you think he wants to dance?” Vola asked. ” red toenails, like mine.” The little girl wiggled her toes in her sandals. Then her hand drifted up to stroke the feathers as Vola’s neck.

What a visual picture Sarah Pennypacker paints! Huh!? I am going to check out her other books.

Painting was going along this week…this is the first painting after the class. I think this is Pidgeon’s Bay in Stueben Maine. This is actually 2 starts the one above had almost no development. I began to think OH- HO the curse is upon me! I have not painted this opaque in a long time…DSCN4260Then I went out to Schoodic point and had a better day. This a W.I.P. using no masking. I am ready to bump up the contrasts and see what happens! OH and BTW- I did NOT finish those others paintings as I thought I would- GRRR. I really need to get better at finishing my work. I know you have heard this all before! Maybe like a new toy- I cannot start a new one until I finish an old one!? That would probably kill me!


I like how this one is developing- I just want to key in the rocks in front and perhaps add a bit of texture to the water. This is a similar view as the painting below.( Which I did during the workshop with Carol Douglas. )

Then the next day I went back to Blueberry Hill…had a good day. I met another watercolor artist from Connecticut. He says he actually makes a living selling his paintings. I need to check out his site. The fog rolled in so fast- I was painting along and then I looked up and BOOM! I am so glad I was not out on the ocean when this fog bank came in- I would have been lost for sure! Also below is a picture of one of my walking buddies in Maine!



The next day was the eclipse…the light was weird during the eclipse and I think I hurt my eyes even with the special dark glasses. I swear Mom I was not staring at the eclipse! – I am just so sensitive. I should have known better. Anyway once I started looking at the eclipse I could not refocus on the painting process.

And some where in there I went to my new friend’s house in Prospect Harbor and started this painting. This is very much just a beginning…composition was hard and that is why I included the bushes and stuff in the foreground, but the lunch was excellent! ;)Time will tell on this one! That is Petit Manan Light House in the background.


Good week of starts! Until next week and I am NOT making any promises about finishing these! 🙂 Peace- Out- Bec

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