Watercolor Words and Wanderings


DSCN4179It’s about a painting. As I shared with you all last week, when this painting came up for critique everyone made such a fuss about it. The teacher said when she painted things that she was not super fond of they often where tellers of places she was heading with her work. That when she looked back on them in a year she had a whole new perspective on them. Folks thought this could be a flagship painting for me- that I should try to enter it into a competition or two. I have had this happen a few other times in different classes…where the class really made a big deal about my work and it has ALWAYS kind of jinxed me from painting anything even decent for months! I hope that does not happen again. I would get right back on the horse again but I get to teach a beginner class today. Tomorrow I am going to the park and paint and try to leave all those well-meaning compliments behind me. I need to figure this out because the same thing happens when I lose weight. The first time someone says “Wow! You look good.” I go home and eat a whole cake. Why the self-sabotage and why do other people’s opinions sway me like a feather in the wind? If I am that feather shouldn’t compliments blow me in a positive direction? I have never thought of myself as a push over and if you met me …I bet that is the last thing you would say about but me and yet…

I have been busy making tags4peace and by the time this blog comes out I will have had two selling opportunities. I will let you know how that goes!

Until next week- Peace Out- Bec



6 thoughts on “Watercolor Words and Wanderings

  1. Becky! I love this painting. It reminds me of Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth at high tide. Love it!! Don’t let it jinx you!! If I could afford it I would buy it!!


  2. The water in this reminds me very much of Japanese prints. I’ll bet that the contrast of the blue and orange is what attracts people. Complimentary colors. I like it too.


    1. Thank you Mom…it also looks much better in person. I was having so much fun painting this. I thought for sure I had wrecked it…so I was just going for it. Maybe I should wreck thing more often! 😉 Thank you for being a supporter of my blog!


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