Watercolor Words and Wanderings

The watercolor workshop was AWESOME! I was dubious at first due to not receiving a syllabus/schedule and not having much communication just prior to class. I was determined to keep an open mind-especially since I signed up so last minute! Then I thought we were painting on Sunday afternoon but we did not start painting till Monday. Once we started painting we did not stop 8 to 5 every day with a short demo during our lunch. Our teacher, Carol Douglas, worked her petuttee off! Monday, she asked us to just begin so she could see where we were at. We painted at Blueberry Hill. My sunscreen failed on my face and I got a burn (darn it!). I spent the whole day on this one and got to where I get when I start to feel like I am wrecking it. I was working hard to paint those rocks! I have both “kinds” of Acadia rocks to paint here. The shelf kind in the mid ground and the pebbly kind in the fore ground.


Tuesday, it rained the morning and early afternoon. We hung out at the Schoodic Education and Research Center (S.E.R.C.) at their outside pavilion. It was cold-especially since I was sun burnt. Carol did an oil demo- I mostly checked out but watched on and off. I started this painting of what I think is a mountain ash.

Tuesday afternoon it cleared and we went to Frazier Point. Carol insisted we all start with a value sketch. I started this looking back toward Winter Harbor. A view I have painted many times. I am not quite done but hope to be for next week’s blog.

Tuesday night we tried to capture the moon rising over near the guard shack at S.E.R.C. overlooking Little Moose Island. This is another spot I paint often. The bugs were off the charts. The idea was to set up the painting before the light goes and then drop in what you need. I had no headlamp and was totally using my memory of my field kit to choose pigments.


Wednesday was a beautiful day and we went to the Mark’s Island side of the peninsula, where folks could paint a light house, if they wanted. I wanted to pick Carol’s brain about rocks so I looked inland toward Winter Harbor. We all I put the graduated wash down to the sky and used too much lemon yellow and fought the color throughout the whole painting. Carol really helped me united this painting with shadow purple. She did a demo about color theory and light that is still not clear to me. I am going to hunt this info done. Basically, if we determine that the light is cool then shadows will be warm and if the light is warm the shadows will be cool. YIKES warm shadows…she gave me a head ache. I think I get it because the way the eye absorbs the light you can only be left with warms or cools…I think… stay tuned on this. I am tempted to add another set of mountains to tone the sky down but I think I should stop. The yellow if weird but so am I! I am going to darken the water and plan to have this done by next week’s blog. I was overcome with gratitude and just had to let it out. I jumped up and yelled out “I love my life! I cannot believe I get to live this life!” I have been so happy lately…it has just been oozing out of me.

Thursday was ANOTHER stellar day. We painted out at the point and there was almost no wind which made it hot- we melted-and we all got some great work done! Below is my work. I am going to do a whole other blog about this painting. Suffice it to say I got to my usual stuck spot and thought “OK-I have already wrecked this, so I am just going to keep on…” Carol coached me to just keep connecting the shadow areas and not get to detached/choppy. We had a lobster cook out that night and after we did a group critique. The class just loved this one.

Friday, we went to Corea. Carol made friends with a person who allows her to teach there. We ate at Lunch on the Warf- the food was much better than it was the last time I went there. I will go back. I just wanted to do a simple painting about large blocks of color and value. I got way out there with this one- not sure if there is any coming back from this! I had fun and it was hard to say goodbye to everyone. Like the last day of camp…hoping you will stay in touch.

Until next week- Peace Out- Bec



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