Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I got all messed up on my blog posting dates…no pictures this blog. Sorry I missed you last week, I meant to have this all typed up. I got busy doing some volunteer work on the computer and that sucked up my time. So here is how the week shook out-Wednesday, we did nature weavings at the farm and it worked out well. Everyone who came made a wall hanging. In the afternoon, we hung out at the dog park in Newport, NH. This park is next to the Sugar River and it has a picnic bench under the trees, peaceful and relaxing. I worked on the “top secret project” design, while my friend worked on her own project. Thursday was a beautiful day and we went to a farm in Piermont to paint. I was all OVER the place. Here is the start and maybe the finish😊

Friday in class we talked about Matisse. We tried to paint a picture that covered the whole page and was like a jungle. Folks created tigers and flamingoes and all kinds of creatures based off Matisse’s work. It was a great day. I miss teaching that class when I am in Maine. I will post pictures as these are finished up.

I then went to Maine for a 5 days workshop. I will tell you about that in next weeks blog.

Peace Out- Bec


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