Watercolor Words and Wanderings

The heat of the summer is upon us in New Hampshire and I find my self (much like the dead of Winter) wanting to nap a lot! I have seen the signs of fall already- red leaves on the ground and birds gathering at the shore-yet I am still in denial. I find myself thinking I will have plenty of time to get outside and paint. Some of my fellow Odanaksis Plein Aire painters brave it in there cars for much of the winter! As much as I like to be outside I am not sure about this practice! I just finished watching an episode of Open Studio on WGBH and they had a piece on an artist named Craig Galentine. His take on Japanese wooden Kokeshi dolls is too good to miss! He has been honing his skills on these for five years. He said he typically paints right on the wood with little to no drawing. Here is his Etsy site https://www.etsy.com/shop/temple7e

I taught weaving at the farm on Wednesday, painted with the Plein Aire group on Thursday and taught watercolor on Friday. I worked on the turtle project from last week. I am also working on a surprise project, so I cannot talk about it, I will show it to you after the big reveal. Nothing earth shattering just mostly fun! I also took the leap and for my one big splurge this year I signed up for painting class at Schoodic for 5 days in a row. It costs more money than I make in a month but I just had the feeling it is the right thing to do. Trying to get connected to the folks in Maine and also this teacher has been teaching for 20 years…so I am sure my next post will be filled with painting from that class!

Below is the rather rocky start… and the work on the turtle gift…Until Next Week- Peace- Bec




One thought on “Watercolor Words and Wanderings

  1. I was wondering, what you were up to. Just about to send an email. Sounds like you are being busy and having some fun. Great. Love, Mom


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