Watercolor Words and Wanderings


Last year the well went dry, this year the basement is flooded. A friend asked me what the higher meaning of water is? I thought about the properties of water- a fluid that seeks itself, puts out fires, nourishes our bodies, gives life, and cleanses. Tides and waves and oceans. The Scorpio sun sign is a water sign. Water is my favorite thing to drink. Nothing relaxes me more than sitting by water and it is a huge part of my chosen medium. HMMM- none of those properties are small and I am sure I left out some. How do I make sense out of too little and then too much? Perhaps this might be another lesson in moderation? MODERATION! What the -bleep- is that?! I like more! I have the disease of more and when I am not having more, I am having none. This does not feel much like sobriety but it does sound eerily like a flood and a drought! I have known for a while that I need to look at this moderation thing but have been trying to go around it. I should know better. I have never been able to go around much but I have tried countless times to skirt around an issue, only to be faced with another situation bringing up the same- same issues but often on a more “crisis” type level. This one is going to be hard but I know the thinking about it is often worse than the doing. I have been able to keep up the daily watercolor journaling. I will try adding meditation about moderation into that mix and see what comes of it!

I did not get to a whole lot of painting done outside of the journal…

let me see 2 birthday cards. Which I cannot seem to find…I will post them next week. I have not done any work on the peonies. The masking fluid applicator has been clogging and I broke the pin off in the tube. I swapped the older nib and pin to the new bottle of masking fluid- that one never clogged- but that did not work either. I will have to use a brush to apply, too bad I love the fine tip of the masking fluid pen.


I also painted with a friend and we did this real loose- splashy-splashy thing to start the two paintings that are mostly about roses.

We had a nice day! Peace Out till Next Week- Bec

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