Watercolor Words and Wanderings

The summer solstice has come and gone and I think my friend Kim put it well when she said…”On June 21st I always have a happy sad moment when I realize that Yay! it is summer! and OH NOOO the days only get shorter from here on until December 21st. Carpe Diem which I have been led to believe means seize the day…I painted out side all day on Tuesday- had a great day and some success. When I arrived home and loaded the pictures I realized I had once again NOT drawn the perspective correctly. But I am super happy with the overall tone of the picture. I knew that I had made the building shorter and I was OK with that but it is really obvious how the other lines are off when compared to the photo :). I was also stumped about how to render the roof and I can see now that the first wash was done well and the dry brushing over the wash is just too dark a value…I am going to try to lift some of that and see what happens.

Thursday the Plein Air Group went to an amazing spot called Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery  located in Windsor Vermont. Get there if you can- they have amazing peonies and hosta and a splash of other plants too. If you are lucky (like I was) when you are checking out the gallery you will run into the artist David and get to pick his brain a bit! I bought a print of his and a yellow peony. Such a beautiful spot….and mean while back at the farm my basement flooded and the excavator guy was trying to find the cause- so I had to leave early and got NO painting done but I did get this sketch done and today I was able to get most of the masking fluid applied. I LOVE the “bones”…the plan is to pour paint on the paper and try to get a luminous free flowing back ground.

DSCN4063I have been keeping up the daily watercolor journal but I cannot get the pictures to load…look for them next time! Until next week- Peace Out- Bec



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