Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I realized that my one year anniversary of being a full-time artist came and went without a blog about it. In June of 2016, I took the leap into the unknown to follow my dreams. What a year it has been! I have been crossing those emotional land minds of fear and insecurity with the bravado of jet pilot. I have almost been sucked back into the weekly paycheck world three times and each time have had to steer my life right back into the abyss of financial insecurity. While I have barely sold any of my work- I have gained an insight into the watercolor medium and am starting to have the skills to create work that I will be thrilled to show. I have been blessed to work with 3 teachers, Becky Darling, Margaret Dwyer and occasionally Robert O’Brien. I plan to take the summer to integrate what I have learned from them. Becky Darling works loosely and her work highlights the transparency of the medium. Margaret Dwyer has an intensity in her work that makes the viewer wonder if it is really a watercolor painting. Robert O’Brien has a mastery of capturing values with paint. I have learned so much from them now I just need to get it to come out the end of my brush! I have also been fortunate to teach a few classes and teaching really forces me to get the basics in order. Color theory, technique and composition have all come a long way this year. I am grateful for the students that have come to my classes and the lessons that they teach me! As I have mentioned in previous posts, I recently joined a community of fellow artists that get together once a week to paint outside. This has been a step in a good direction. One place I hope to expand on this coming year is meeting and connecting with more artist. I also plan to start applying to shows and getting my work ready for sale. As far as creating my art I am going to focus on getting more value (lights and darks) into my work and to start my work with better drawing. I cannot get the camera to sync with the laptop today but I have been outside painting almost every day-next week’s blog will be packed with paintings- I do not think I have shown you this W.I.P. yet… Until then- Peace- Bec


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