Watercolor Words and Wanderings

The importance of finishing- are you one of those folks with 10 or 15 projects stacked up somewhere that you are going to get to someday? I have this problem with my art and to a lesser degree craft projects (since I mostly paint now ;)). What does it mean to be finished? My uncle said some of my works were not done because they were not signed…I guess paintings are done when the artists says so. I Think the real problem with a finished painting is now it is up for judging. If it is never finished then that leaves room for more progress. I have heard that some painters have worked on a piece for years…The Mona Lisa- and according to quora.com is unsigned – so maybe the Mona Lisa is not fished either! I guess I do not have the luxury of having so many unfinished pieces. They weigh on me like ghosts niggling (is that even a word?) for my attention. I know when I go to Maine I will finish many pieces mostly because my attention is not pulled to teaching and other things. I also have a “better” routine down there. I get up, get coffee and start look at my art seeing what needs tending to. Then I often go for a walk in the national forest and come home eat lunch and depending on the weather either head out to paint outside or sit and look for more my next move on the 20-25 paintings that hang on the wall opposite from the kitchen table. My uncle and I have made a pretty good work space out of the formal dining area. He hung a good strong light that has both warm and cool bulbs- I like it and I can watch TV if I want or listen to music while I tend to my “ghosts”. This week when I went with the En Plein Aire group to Cedar Circle Farm in East Thetford Vermont, I went with 2- 5″x7″ mapped out spaces for paintings. I was determined to get 90 % done in the session. It worked! I have just a wee bit of tweaking to do and I am going to put them up for sale.  BTW- if you are in the area stop in to Cedar Circle Farm. They have a café with good coffee and tea and the granola scone I had was yummy. They have indoor and outdoor places to sit and eat. Lots of plants and interesting planters. I cannot get the link thing to work today but you can copy and paste this address….https://cedarcirclefarm.org/ for more info. Cedar Circle also has a FB page at this address https://www.facebook.com/cedarcirclefarm/  Looking at the picture below helps me see what I would do the next time I paint this view- of course another in finished not even started “ghost”! I am sure glad they are friendly! 😉

I am going to call this blog done. Until next week- Peace- Bec



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