Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Color me unmotivated- I would like to tell you that I was busy helping this person or that person and, and, and…but truth is I just have not felt like painting. The few times I have painted in the last month have been joyful and fun. But getting out those paints started to feel like lifting a 100 pound weight. I was listening to The Colored Pencil Podcast and they were discussing how to find the time to create art- I ( thank god) have the time . So what on earth is the matter? I think I have  2 things going on. I am on a learning plateau and starting to wonder if I can break through to the next skill level. Earth to Brain- no chance of getting better if I do not practice! The other thing is that I wonder if I will ever have anything to “say”…if you know me personally you might be laughing as I have never been quiet-err well at least not since I was a little girl- but this is different. Should my art say something or is it enough to just be pretty? Is it OK to just be pretty?!

Here is what I have been up to- first time outside since October- it was a great day. I found a bunch of folks who also like to paint outside and so I will try to join them weekly. Here I am in Lyme NH looking over to VT.

Peace- Bec



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