Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I worked everyday last week on all things but painting. Set and prep for my students art show. My first week administering tests for NAEP. Worked on my taxes. Art show opening and 2 watercolor classes. I had a head ache every day but Friday- I think I need glasses! I did get some painting done. I am counting the days until this NAEP job is over 🙂 5 weeks to go.

Here is another possible Christmas card design.

Below is an exercise I am doing to get ready to teach on Thursday. The set with the red flower is on a paper called YUPO. I used the transparent version of YUPO for this exercise. It is a whole new world. The paint does not really stick to the paper and the pigment does some weird things. So much fun. I guess you have to seal this work with a fixative if you want it to last. I do like how the paint lifted to create a soft shadow. As usual if you want to know more about a piece just hover over the picture. If you want to know even more just contact me! rebecca.s.bense@gmail.com

The plate came out of the firing- I made this with Luisa in mind but I am not happy with the color scheme. I think I will try again and do more lemons next time maybe even slightly bigger? What do you think?

OK- going to watch the super bowl- Peace Out Till Next Week!- Bec


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