Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Christmas eve…what an emotionally loaded time of the year. I am glad as I got a little older I learned how to manage myself emotionally and work through these dark times of the year. If anyone reading this is having that lonely feeling over whelm them- please reach out. I know this might be the hardest thing to do but it will save your life. I get busy volunteering for others and before I know it I am feeling like I can get through.

This year I was graciously given cards to turn into tags to raise money for Turning Points Network ( our local crisis center). I am hoping to raise $500.00- $600.00 annually. This kind of money is so important as it can be used how they best need it. There are many things involved in running a domestic violence shelter and often things that it is hard to find funding for- like dish and laundry soap and toilet paper, salt for the walkway and snow plowing – things no one wants to pay for but are needed to maintain the dignity and safety that all folks deserve.

I have about $150.00 worth of tags that are ready for sale! I am asking $5.00 plus shipping for a packet of 25 handmade tags. You can reach me via the website http://www.tags4peace.org.

Please save your cards for me to repurpose into these beautiful tags!

Thank you- and as always Peace to you and yours-




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