Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Another week in paradise- getting ready to walk in the Wassail Parade in Woodstock Vermont with the Road to Independence folks. You can find more info on the Road to Independence here http://rtivtp.com/  ( still cannot get the link thing to work). I have been working with on a Christmas card design. The Santa design will be here in 10 days – if you would like some cards let me know $2.50 each plus shipping cost.

Here is a fish I am working on…I am not sure if I have shown you all this before. The green circles in the back ground are done using rubbing alcohol drops when the paint is still wet.dscn3079I have to get the other fish painting I did (below) matted and off to my Aunt Patti now that she is settled into her new home!

Done! Exercise in painting coy

On the media today is an organization called Art Lifting…they have partnered with Starbucks and created coffee cards …check it out!( As I went to get you the webpage- I found that they are sold out!) You can still support these artists by buying their art…. https://www.artlifting.com/collections/starbucks

Peace Out-Till next week



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