Watercolor Words and Wanderings

IMG_20160709_154837Symbols of the brief flare that is summer Downeast, the peonies have begun to drop their petals in the afternoon breeze. The pink hues of the Peonies pop compared to the brown greens of low tide. I just had to paint them. I am still not quite used to how folks recon around here, but on Wednesday I think I was down to Millbridge (despite it being more north than south). I checked out the new coffee/ lunch/ ice cream place and ordered a banana muffin and some rooibos iced tea. They have a cozy porch and since I had the place to myself I could not help but try to capture these beauties. It was a relaxing way to pass a bit of time. I had been blessed with a solid week of sun and was grateful for the shade. This week the timing was also right for me to try to capture the low tide. The Dorcas Library in Prospect Harbor has an envious back yard and as an added bonus I was able to check e-mail while the paint was drying. The flare of summer seems to have passed as I write this on what is the second day of a rain drenched fog that really chills to the bone. The weather person is calling for rain tomorrow. Yesterday and today are classified as partly sunny.;) I have 2 hoodies on and am moving toward the blanket on the couch. Next week I look forward to teaching children at The Fells in Newbury NH and hopefully Saturday will be a day long class with adults outside overlooking Mount Sunapee. I feel I should say something about the murders that occurred this week but I have no words- I am sick to see how we treat each other-worried that our freedom is being threaten by our own behavior. On  the media this week a history podcast about Hamilton from The History Guys at Backstory for some reason the link thing is not working here is site… http://backstoryradio.org/shows/hamilton/.

I did fair to middling on my goals of exercise and painting. 5 out of 7. Until next week- Peace- Bec



3 thoughts on “Watercolor Words and Wanderings

  1. So it’s not just Scotland that’s having a bad summer then? We’ve had more than our fair share of rain and it’s been chilly too – I’ve had to put my electric blanket on a couple of times – and last weekend’s weather forecast was described as ‘autumnal’! I’m glad to see the weather hasn’t held you back – I love your ‘Low Tide’ painting (and that banana muffin sounded good!). As for the violence that we’re seeing every day on the news – you’re right – there are no words.


    1. Sorry if I miss led you…We have actually been having a great summer- what happens in down east Maine is the storms can linger and they are often quite cold- it is like a different continent up there :)- It can by sunny and 80’s at my home in NH and then drive to downeast and 65 and sideways rain…

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