Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Some pictures of Schoodic Point- Acadia- this is a place called the Raven’s Nest. Thank you Jim Lalla for the pictures!

I just finished reading Kathleen Tessaro’s book Rare Objects. This book kept me up into the night as I could not wait to find out what happens to the main character Maeve Fanning. We follow her through what I think is one of the hardest times of life to navigate (at least so far) the late teens through late twenties. I promise no spoilers here. Tessaro gets us into Maeve’s world right away when she sneaks behind a red velvet rope at the MFA in Boston. There are lots of moments in this book that caused me to pause. Including a Japanese concept called kintsugi, this is a repair technique and philosophy that our breaks and cracks are things of beauty not something to try to hide. A good “summer read” with some moments of “winter studies”. I also read The Secret Lives of Lobsters, by Trevor Corson. This book reminded me of The Soul of an Octopus, by Sy Montgomery it was a blend of science and history told along the  lines of characters’ lives. I learned about the patterns of the life of a lobster and the people who trap them. This book had a tiny bit too much sex organ talk but not so much as to make it un readable.

So with all this reading I have not done much painting! I realized that yesterday marked one month out of my full time weekly paycheck job. YIKES! Life is not going quite as I had expected. My back is on the mend and now my shoulder is trying to freeze. I am doing everything I can to avoid this but this morning I could not put my hair up! This is a crisis if you have 3 feet of hair and a boyfriend who is all thumbs when it comes to details.(If you want a look into the mind of a real live alcoholic (as opposed to Maeve)- first thought- where are the scissors? )Luckily it is my left shoulder so I can still paint and am heading into the park to do that this morning after a long walk. I can already tell that I will need to have some discipline in this new non clock punching paradigm. I knew that June was going to be a time to chill and distress and process. I was offered a job to teach one day a week and initially took the job but then realized the schedule was going to be too constricting. It would mean missing out on a trip to Costa Rica. The lure to have that security is hard continues to be hard to resist.

This is such a great journey! I am going to focus this week on getting a walk in and painting every day. I will let you know how it goes! See below for this weeks’ watercolor sketches.

Until next week- Peace- Becky





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