Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I just got back from the vacation of a life time in Maui. I still can hardly believe it. If you can leave your heart in San Francisco- I am sure I have left my brain in Maui. I took a bunch of pictures but with a cruddy camera so you cannot really see the beautiful shades of blue. We stayed on the west side of Maui near Lahaina. It was quite touristy. This turned out be perfect for our daily excursions. The sun was so strong we would go to a beach for a few hours and then seek shelter for a few hours and then either make dinner or go out to dinner. We spent one day taking the road to Hana. This was a spectacular, often one lane, curvy drive to a part of Maui that is far less developed. I am told it rains more there and that keeps the incentive for tourism down to a dull roar. Here are a few pictures of Maui.

I was able to do some painting- my back went waaaay out on the last day of our trip which was a real drag- I missed snorkeling with my family but I was grateful that Maria had an ample supply of Advil and my Mom had the idea to buy me some of those disposable back heater things. I was able to fly back without too much trouble. I am currently up painting in Acadia Maine- out of range of the internet. I am will scoot down to the library to post this. I am are off the grid as much as possible up here.

I have to say The Colored Pencil Podcast knocked it out of the park AGAIN for my On The Media section( episode 057). They had a lawyer on to discuss the idea of copyright and licenses. I have listened to it three times and will probably return to it again. What happens is my monkey mind gets off thinking on a topic and I end up missing a section of the information!

I gotta get to painting- will post pics of Maine next week!

Peace- Becky


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