Watercolor Words and Wanderings

The tension is just peeling away. I woke up today 6/4/16- 2 days out from quitting my full time job with a new found sense of peace. I think I was not really aware of the toll that working to end domestic and sexual violence was taking on my mental health. I knew I was burning out…but I did not realize just how burnt I was. Today I had the best day with my partner- just relaxed and easy. We spent the whole day together. We went to The Brattleboro Vermont Farmers Market and had some pretty good Pad Thai. On the way home we took a side trip to Harrisville, NH. I took the pictures below to give you a feel for the place. The site is very unique and has a sweet general store with home baked goodies 🙂

Here is an En Plein Aire ( W.I.P.) of the middle scene from above. What a beautiful day! It was 80 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze…day 2 of living the dream…IMG_20160604_164641

Here is another W.I.P. The Lady in the Iris Patch– this was day one of living the dream…IMG_20160604_164659

Came home got my 10,000 steps in and vacuumed the vehicles. I almost feel normal and I am so grateful. Today’s  ” On the Media” is a podcast called A Way With Words . The episode titled XZY PQD is a great introduction to this funny and informative and down to earth discussion about the English language.

Until next week- Peace Out- Becky



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