Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Hi all- I am late this week…the transition from working for someone to working for myself is causing me a good bit of angst. I should be celebrating and instead worry, worry, worry. Fear is taking over yet again. I keep pushing it back with mantra “there is plenty”. I think I need a bigger shield ;).

I did do some art this week. I am trying to come up with a painting for Turning Points Network to use as the card cover for their spring fundraising drive.(See those starts above)

I also did 2 paintings for our daily challenge-somewhat shy of daily 😉 yet I keep trying! The one on the left below I show you because it is such crap and I want to be transparent with you-part of the process of learning is to make a lot of crap. The Lilac might work into something…or I may tip it over the edge into…CRAP 🙂

On Sunday I went to The Stonewall Farm for Art at the Farm- there were a few painters and photographers around the farm doing art. Towards the end I had a couple of kids want to paint and that is when I started the above lilacs. I got off to a too intense start on the roof of the maple house and I am not sure I can fix it. I am having a good time with the trees and the back ground.IMG_20160523_053409

Here is a another one in progress…

And lastly…IMG_20160523_053342

If you get a chance head over to On Being with Krista Tippet and listen to her interview with Kevin Kling. It is funny and deep. One thing he said really hit this morning. “You can’t tell people what to think you got to set it out and let it explode.” When I grow up, I want to paint more like that. Until next week- Peace Out- bec


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