Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I just read an article by another artist, Ron Craig, about “Living the Dream” he talks about making the final leap to putting our dreams in the center of our being and “It sounds romantic, living the artist’s life, enviable even. However, it’s not an easy task. When you follow your dreams, you’re out of step with the program. You live an arm’s reach away from everyone else. ” I quit my job last week with the intention of finally being able to focus on my dream of being an artist full time. The people around me are upset. Their eyes glaze over as they think about “quitting their job and growing some hair”. They are saying things like – it must be nice and I wish I could quit my job. I really did not have a choice- I have been so miserable trying to fit into a responsible person mold. I have spent months at a time of the last 20 years just barely surviving. Vague thoughts of suicide haunting nearly every step. I know I will never act on them but I have had no “joie de vivre “. Outside of painting the only relief I got was the occasional “walkers high” or a hint of joy while watching others lives unfold. 4 years ago I left a job that paid pretty well to do social justice work. I thought now here is the ticket- I just need work with a purpose. I was right I do need work with a purpose but I was off the mark about which purpose. Now I am 50 pounds overweight, my back is sketchy and I can barely walk due to a bum knee. Ron had to suffer a heart attack to clear his docket. I only hope I have made the leap soon enough. I did not paint much this week-but have plans to paint quit a bit next week- I have 4 days off. Below you can see the daily mini paintings I did and some Works In Progress (W.I.P.) at the bottom is a picture of me from the early 1990’s-Peace- Bec

Me in early 90’s at Winter Hawk

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