Watercolor Words and Wanderings

I am reading a book by Brene’ Brown . If you have not heard of her work, you are in for quite the ride. If you have heard of her work and have a hungry heart AND have not yet read The Gifts of Imperfection please check out the book. Today I was reading the chapter on scarcity and fear of the dark. She quotes another author Lynn Twist from her book The Soul of Money . Lynn is talking about all the thoughts that go through our mind before our feet even hit the floor(not skinny enough, rich enough and loved enough etc.) As I sit here wondering if now is the time to take the leap. Fear begins to grow and creep into my consciousness  …like the an auto immune disorder taking over all my life. I cannot seem to shake it, all the while acknowledging it as a primary motivator and not wanting to make decisions from a place of fear. I continue to fight the resistance- everything I have run across in the last few months has been leading down this path to not allowing fear to run my world anymore….and yet. Like an alcoholic in my cups- I know taking that drink will lead to my ruination – but I just cannot stop. ARGHHH

This week I was on vacation and had plans to paint and paint and paint. Well it rained and rained and rained and then my back went out. I did managed to work on a few paintings and start a few more. My teacher challenged us to paint one small painting a day or at least 5 a week. This week our theme is the kitchen. I did this one of garlic and tried to incorporate the night sky technique we were working on in class this week. My back is still out so I will keep the writing to a minimum…see the work below-the photos have notes- Peace Out- Bec




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