Watercolor Words and Wanderings


Tis’ the season for daffodils! We painted them Friday on the last day of the spring session of my differently abled adult watercolor class. I will miss those folks.I am in need of doing my own work for a while. Planning to start back up in the fall- and we made some plans to try to get together a few times over the summer. So much has happened this week. Looking forward to working more with Margaret Dwyer. I started digging into The Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolor Paints by Michael Wilcox. I am trying to learn about yellow. I use Winsor & Newton paints. They have a student grade formula line called Cotman and a professional grade line.The student grade formulas cost less money. In many cases you can save up to a third by purchasing the student grade. What I notice mostly is the professional paint stays moist in my palette longer. Wilcox  rates the paint by their light fastness, health info, and overall rating. He claims that many of the student grade paints are just fine for the professional. For instance if you are in need of Cadmium Yellow- Cotman Cadmium Yellow Light 113 gets the best ratings. Unless you have deep pockets for supplies there is no way to know most of this information with out a book like this.

On the media this week is a 20 minute commencement speech by Neil Gaiman. Worth your time- I would like to hear what you think about it!

Still working on this one…almost done….maybe…see also a picture from last weekend’s hike up Bog Mountain in Wilmot, NH. Until next week- Peace- Bec



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