Watercolor Words and Wanderings

It was a great week for podcasts! I needed to write down all the things I found this week in my wanderings. I am sure I am going to miss a few. First a well spent hour listening to The Colored Pencil Podcast #45  it is an interview with Debbie Hook. She is an artist who also owns a frame shop. She talks about finding color and common mistakes folks make when framing. Most importantly I learned about the idea of acid free VS rag or conservation. I had no idea that matt board or foam board may be labeled as acid free but it may only be acid free on the out side! Over time the acid core can cause our work to degrade. She advised we look for the words rag or conservation. She also discussed what kind of glass to use (conservation clear for most projects- museum glass for historical docs and special stuff ($$$) ) advising us to steer clear of non-glare glass as UV light gets in and can not get out and so it bounces around. This bouncing around causes more damage then just using plain old glass! You may view her work here Debbie Hook . She has worked in many mediums- the site features her pastels, pencil crayon and few watercolors.

The next podcast was The Deliberate Creative episode #43-Amy talks with Jason Kotecki about tinkering and letting go of outcomes. Suppose your 100th creation is the one really that works for you- but you cannot just sit and expect to come across it! You have to put the time in to actually do the art. The idea that numbers 29, 52 and 78 might have parts of the journey. This seems pretty obvious and simple Huh? More signs pointing toward the idea of just get painting! Check out his website escape adulthood . Jason and his partner are working to cure what they call “adultitis”.

Also just an interesting story -some folks that got on a sleuth mission. Criminal episode #41 (trigger warning there are some graphic details)

I have had a week of growth too. Staring on a journey to get back into shape-maybe still pear but some kind of shape ;). I skipped painting the model again this week- I am just not enjoying it. I started this painting below instead- W.I.P.  IMG_20160416_194725

I was able to take another class at The Newport Library Arts Center with Margaret Dwyer. The featured painting to this blog is what came of that class. Nature sketchbooks was out theme. She also shared her son’s music with us. You may see some of his work at Jake David and The Whiskey Stones  I worked on last weeks W.I.P. I want to compare them side by side-below.

Above you can see I have started developing the cyclamen a little- I just put the painting up and wait for it to tell me what to do next. I know that sounds a little foo-foo- so color me foo- foo 🙂 it is kind of how it works for me.

Above I have done the same here. Margaret made some compositional suggestions that may save this one!

I am headed out to do some hiking- Peace Out till next week!






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