Watercolor Words and Wanderings

These are the beginnings of three paintings. I went to a class yesterday at The Newport Library Arts Center. Margaret Dwyer was teaching- she is an amazing artist.  I hope I get to work with her more. Below is the flower I was using for inspiration… and also the crane from last week! I am supposed to be decorating this crane right now but it is too cold out side…oh and I got out of “having to” paint the model this week too. We did not have one so I got to sit! I was hard to sit still for 2 hours.

This week I am going to finish reviewing The War or Art by Steven Pressfield. In this the third and final section of the book Steven discusses invisible physical forces that sustain and support us along our journey- reader be forewarned he does get a little “WHOO- WHOO”. He writes about things like muses and fire breathing dragons and the magic of making a start. He sticks his toe into the waters of the the ego and the self. He defines self as the part of us that wishes to create and the ego as the seat of resistance. Resistance feeds on fear and he declares the master fear  we have is that we will succeed.” That we can become the person we sense in our hearts we truly are.” I am not sure that all artists have this but it is to be sure a stumbling block for many. He then moves on to discuss the artist and the hierarchy and how much of society is organized in a pecking order and that the artist cannot look to others to validate our efforts or callings. “To labor in the arts for any other reason other than love is prostitution.” The one place we need to look is with in- perhaps the scariest place on earth! He challenges us to think  about our path and wonder if we were the last person on earth would we still show up to our studio, the rehearsal hall or the laboratory? I would still create as long as I had food 🙂

Peace Out- till next week!



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