Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Following this weeks theme of P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N  I had “no time” for creating this week. I spent most of my free time preparing for a bake sale. We are raising funds to support Turning Points Network . This organization works to end domestic and sexual violence- tis a noble cause  and it is also, perhaps, sugary resistance.  IMG_20160324_202915

Last week I started discussing the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. You may recall Steven tackled his subject by dividing it into three main parts. The first section is about resistance “the enemy of creativity”. He discusses the many ways resistance can creep, seep and even ambush an artist. Self deception, (“no time”) self sabotage, ( I have to …fill in the blank with anything other than create) and self corruption ( I will just watch one more episode of SVU) something most folk refer to as a writer’s block is what he calls resistance.  Resistance can bring on subtle behaviors that may be hard to recognize for what they are. Noble causes, like baking 🙂 or taking care of the others or saying yes to more one more thing, can be signs of resistance at work. Resistance can also be one hot mess of appalling behaviors that anyone from far away can recognize. What our loved ones may not know about is why. Artist may be drinking too much or moving all the time or eating to excess? Resistance to our true calling may be a part of these behaviors. Steven talks about resistance as being ” like the Alien or the Terminator” is cannot be reasoned with it is implacable and insidious. The lies we will believe about why we are not creating are immeasurable!  Steven has a long list of the characteristics of resistance “impersonal and infallible ” are two that might be dogging you. He says “the more important a call to action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” Steven writes that “resistance is also universal, plays for keeps and never sleeps. Resistance aims to kill our most priceless gift-its target is our being: genius, our soul, the unique gift that we alone posses.” It is what keeps me from getting into my studio which can seem like such a chore but is indeed a mere 15 steps away. Steven writes that resistance in an inside job which is fueled by fear. I remember the first time I heard this statement I was at an AA meeting. A big part of the AA program is taking responsibility for our actions. Remembering that the only thing I have ANY remote chance of controlling is myself. Simple and profound and I use it’s wisdom often but had not yet made the connection to my periods of little to no creativity. I think Steven brings up some topics that are worthwhile considering  especially if you have “always wanted to write a book but…have a script half written…. or have been meaning to finish that song”.  A word to the wise, be vigilant because when the finish line is in sight resistance may just “hit the panic button and marshal one last assault and slam us with everything that it’s got.” If you read this book you can familiarize yourself with some of the lesser known procrastination tactics we and our loved ones deploy on our creativity. Perhaps you will be able to recognize resistance for what it is and stay the course! Next week I will review the topic Steven refers to as “turning Pro”.

Below is the painting I got to this week.I found myself with no enthusiasm for painting the live model. I am struggling with my drawing skills-I think I will use charcoal next week. I worked on the demo for art class while waiting for the paint to dry on the live model. Serendipitously Studio 360  had a podcast about resistance called “Finishing School” Check it out!

Until next week- Peace- Bec


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