Watercolor Words and Wanderings

The first day of spring is a little bit loaded for me, it is similar to the way I used to feel on Christmas eve. The world feels full of promise everything is reaching towards what might be and where am I? What surprises will this spring bring? Last night saw me at the ER as my partner saw flashes and floaters. He was resistant to going to the hospital but I “have read enough to be dangerous” and knew he should get this checked out. We called the ask a nurse line which led to a call to the on call doctor and a trip to the ER. What grand new presents will be out there for me? Chris is going to be fine-the eye doctor came in on a Sunday to double check what the ER doctor saw. He has to go back to see a specialist in a couple of weeks. The eye doctor says this happens a lot as we age and that our brain will adjust and we won’t even notice after a while. Insidious this aging process. Everyday that goes by has me wondering more and more – how long do I do the secure thing at the expense of doing what I know I should be doing? Take a big bite out of the Christmas cake and the sweet promises of “working for the man” at the cost of using my youth to line the pockets of others and now to try to make the world a batter place. Life is short  and before I realize it will be Christmas again and where will the promises of spring be? I hope they will be witnessed in my paintings! I keep coming back to the need to paint. I am reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. He writes about how blocks can be worked through. The book is divided into 3 parts- resistance, professionalism and “The Higher Realm”. The theme I keep running into is -paint- paint everyday- paint-paint- paint. The muses smile on those who put the work in….resistance comes in many forms. I will come back to The War of Art as I want to talk more about this book but I have already written much today and I still need to show you what I have been up too!

I got my google account straightened out-so I have some picture to show you! YAY! In Fraser Point Flowers you can see I added a few trees in the foggy back ground. Then I am trying to pump up the vibrancy in the flowers as I thought the water was jumping in front of the flowers. It is still not quite “right” and I am not sure I can get it to do what I want but I am going to try one more trick to see if I can neutralize the aqua just a wee bit.

This painting is a study to I am doing to help demonstrate to my students how to paint barns. Class ended last week- it was happy/sad. I really enjoyed working with these folks but I have been sick and staying out late has

IMG_20160313_105301 (1)
WIP- the windows are a good example of why traditionalists do NOT use black-they look so flat-lesson learned 🙂

left me exhausted. I wish I had half the energy I had when I was 30! The reference photo is from a book- Shaker Life, Art, And Architecture – Hand to Work and Hearts to God by Scott Swank. It is a picture of the Church Family Horse Barn. Built in 1819 and restored in 1990.

Lastly weeks ten and eleven of live model. Peace- Out till next week!


4 thoughts on “Watercolor Words and Wanderings

  1. I like it better with the more vibrant colors, but when I look at this painting I think it is too horizontal. Bands going across the page. I guess I would find the painting more interesting if it were from another angle so that the lines on the page were more diagonal than horizontal. Just my two cents. I am very interested in the work you are doing. I think you are growing day by day.


    1. Thanks Mom- I agree the composition is pretty stagnant. I could do this again ( and I will as it is one of my favorite places to sit on the point) and make the flowers more of the picture to create the verticals.


  2. You paint as wonderful a picture with your words as you do on canvas. As I grow older I find my self saying no more often. No to the things I dont care to do.. making more time to paint, maker and do the things that make me whole. More things that feed my soul and less to the things that zap it from me. Beautiful work, Becky. I love your art.


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