Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Please enjoy this slide show while I attend a workshop!……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have some composition problems that I may not be able to resolve. I run into this often as I tend to just want to get to the painting and the planning part of the process is just not as much fun-then  I might  start to “like” the painting but I have made some problems for myself that I cannot fix except to begin again…so I will keep painting to see what happens. See below for the last couple of stages.

I was able to finish these today. I think they are kind of weird and I have grown fond of them! I wonder if framing them will make them better?

Here is this weeks attempt at live model – this is week eight.IMG_20160227_044817[1] I was using Cerulean Blue and Lemon Yellow. It was hard- the model sits for 2 hours, at about 1.5 hour I took out the H graphite pencil to use on the left side -not knowing what else to do!

This weeks on the media is again The Colored Pencil Podcast episode #37 is was ins and outs of creating a YouTube Channel. Thank you John and Lisa I have been learning a lot from you- I hope you keep podcasting.

Until Next Week- Peace Out- Bec



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