Watercolor Words and Wanderings

This was a great week for creativity- I was able to get into my studio everyday but one ! I feel so blessed to have a warm and bright place I can just skip up to and create.

I finished “The Kayaker” and I got carried away with the wave puddles it was lots of fun to create. You can also see the results of the second week of having a live model at The Newport Library Arts Center. I debated about subjecting… err ah …I mean sharing this with you as the outcome is naïve at best, but I thought maybe as the years go by we can track my progress. The flowers are a W.I.P.- these are demos for my art class-I am trying to show the students how I start a painting. The rose hips were started in Maine this past summer. Cadillac Mountain is featured in a couple of the water color sketches. I also continue to try to paint those pink granite Acadian rocks- I spent most of my summer trying to learn about painting rocks. I bet I will spend the better part of ten years learning to paint rocks.

This weeks media consumption/recommendations: I finished watching The Cleaner  and have been listening to The Judge John Hodgeman Podcast  -always good for a chuckle. I also recommend The Jealous Curator . She is helping me understand more and more that artist gotta art and not worry so much about the outcome or judgements of others. That being said I sold 2 paintings this week- cash is good so I can buy more supplies! Until next week- Peace, Bec


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