Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Good Sunday Morning!

I had an amazing week of “arting”. I got into my studio 4 times and you can see some of the results attached. The fall scene is a painting I started En Plein Aire (that means outside for any non art geeks). It is a view of Lovell Mountain from East Washington, NH. It was a beautiful fall day. I noticed off to my left there were some sheep so I may return to try to capture them next year!

My winter teaching sessions started this week. Thursday night began a 6 week watercolor class for beginner/intermediate artist and 12 students are enrolled. We mostly talked about supplies and what to expect from the class. I was able to get folks painting and some people said they were very relaxed. YAY! If people find a way to get some down time. I can consider myself a success.

Fridays I teach a differently abled adult class in the morning and we tried a new technique of putting clean water in an area and then dropping pigment in. I forgot to take pictures but I will for next week. Fridays also means teaching afterschool art for children ages 7-12. This week I tried to teach them about ripping paper rather than cutting- no one was really up for the challenge but we had fun. We are making mobiles. They are mostly underwater themed with the exception of one child who is making his favorite animals with no legs (they are too hard to rip). Children bring  lots of energy and less filtering. I may need an assistant if the class get much bigger! The Newport Library Arts Center also started offering a live model to draw/ paint. No teacher just artist making art. 6 Artist came to that and I was thrilled- I expected there might be me and one other artist. I am the studio manager for these sessions. Please come if you are in the area.

Lots of new beginnings this week- I have been consuming “The Cleaner” on Amazon Fire. The podcast of the week has been “How To Be Amazing- #17” with Bobcat Goldthwait. Both seem to have a theme of joy of living and being true to yourself, or maybe I hear what I want to hear ?






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