Watercolor Words and Wanderings

Good Sunday Morning!

Yesterday I hung my first solo art show at the library in my home town. It was a lot of work and I learned a ton. I am grateful for the opportunity to cut my teeth. In October of 2014 I had 3 pieces accepted into a juried show for Alumni and Faculty/Staff but this one was all my art.

I had been given  huge gift of some frames and matts from my friend and photographer Rick Libbey AKA Moose Man Nature Photos  http://www.moosemannaturephotos.com/ that made my journey that much easier – I dug through my work and found ones that I liked and that fit into the matts (mostly). My partner Chris went to the store and got some glass cut and I found out you can’t get museum quality glass at just any old place. I will save that for the next framing round. Maybe I will get lucky and I can put Chris on this…then came the how to secure and put a dust cover and finish off the backs. I found out that I needed larger bumpers than I had purchased and that bumper are put on the bottoms only primarily to keep moisture form the wall wicking into the art.

What I did well was bring lots of art there were corners that would only work for certain pieces. I got a list with names, dates of completion and prices together. Last year I had business cards made so I put those out with a picture of my taken by another professional photographer friend of mine Maundy Mitchel http://maundymitchell.com/ thank you Maundy for some beautiful shots.

What needs work is the “tags” for identifying the titles, if they are not for sale, etc. I need a better system and they should have the date as well. I also started to get together a little book so folks that wanted to could; read more about each pieces…I grew short on time and enthusiasm. I will work on that a piece or two at time. I found trying to figure out where the piece was painted and when was a good practice for me and will add more info to the back of the actual paintings as they are done so I do not lose this info.

Here is a picture of the folks at the library and a bit of the show

Peace-Out till next Sunday




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